Diwali Outfits Ideas for Fashionable Celebrations
Diwali- A festival or more—like a vacation, time for long-awaited social hours, or total relaxation? To me, and I'm sure many of you, the word Diwali conjures up images of arduous house cleaning! It is the time of year when you need to clean up the annual mess in your home. The work of redecorating and giving your Home-Sweet-Home a makeover adds to the frenzy! The days leading up to Diwali can be hectic, but once the cleaning is done, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Above all the glittering details, Diwali is the occasion to play dress-up with the festive dress code—the best traditional wear or some spunky fusion—in your unique ethnicity. There will be a week-long and fantastic celebration this Diwali 2022!

Latest Diwali Outfits for Your Favorite Festival

Latest Diwali Outfits
Maintaining your fashion sense throughout the lengthy Diwali festival can be difficult, especially if you are swamped with home errands or don't have a five-day break from work. The festival of lights is a slew of celebrations centered on a cultural theme. At some point, you may want to exchange your heavy Banarasi brocade saree for a cotton Anarkali Kurti at a community gathering, or you may want to change the dress code of a home celebration from dazzling Indian to comfy PJs. However, the last-minute wardrobe change sounds intriguing! But, after all, Diwali is a time to show off your luxury in every detail, including your wardrobe. It's time to show off your modern designer outfits, stunning Anarkali suits, statement fusion wear, and other dressy attire in various social settings. But, of course, with such a bright occasion and a crowd striving to look their best, you'll need a head start with your appearance.

1. Stylish Sarees

Stylish Sarees
The very first thing you should think about is different ways to drape your saree. Sarees are typically five to nine yards long and two to four feet wide. This means you have a lot of material to work with and can position it however you want. And there are over 80 different ways to drape your saree. Of course, they can't all be covered here, but you can get a sense of some of the most popular saree drapes for your Diwali outfit ideas.
  • Draping by South Indian Style
Southern Saree Fashion is one of the most popular ways to drape a saree, and Kanjivaram Saree is the popular in this group. This style originated in the southern part of India. It is a straightforward and recognizable method of draping a saree. The saree will be wrapped around the waist and draped over the shoulder. Begin by tucking one end into the waistband and wrapping it around your waist once. Next, pleats should be gathered and tucked into the band. Then wrap the saree around your waist and drape it over your shoulder. This type of saree is the best Diwali outfit for women.
  • Draping in Gujarati Style
This trendy Diwali outfit variation is a great way to highlight the stunning work on your pallu (the loose end of the saree). First, pull the pallu over your right shoulder and underneath your blouse. Then, tuck pallu into the left side of your blouse to keep it secure and show off the fabric across your top. Show off your ethnic side with amazing offers and deals from Diwali dress collections online by Kreeva!
  • Bengali Style
Bengali Style
A saree in Bengali style is ideal for a special occasion. Pair it with a beautiful saree with a rich border for maximum impact. This draping works best with a traditional red-and-white Bengali saree. To drape a saree in this manner, begin by tucking one end into your waistband to the right of your waist. Continue tucking as you wrap it around your waist and left hip. Then, make a wide box pleat that runs down your right leg and tuck it in. Form another box pleat before pleating the pallu. You can clip it in place temporarily while holding it and drape it over your left shoulder. Make the front and back of the saree touch the ground. Pin the pallu to your left shoulder after unclicking the pleats. Then, pull the pallu's right border over your chest and tuck it in at the hip. A keyring or other decorative accessory can be attached to the right corner of the pallu. Next, straighten your front pleats and drape them over your right shoulder from the front. This draping may be complicated, but it is well worth attending Durga Puja and celebrating Diwali in West Bengal in a traditional Bengali saree.
  • Maharashtrian Style
Instead of a skirt, you can wear shorts or leggings with a Marathi-style saree. Bring one end of the saree over your waist on the right, with the saree behind you. Make a double knot over the navel with some loose fabric. Bring the flexible material between your legs, pleat it, and tuck it in the back. Make pleats in the front and fold them in the middle. Wrap the saree around your waist and pin it to the front, pleating the pallu and pinning it over your left shoulder.

2. Designers Lehenga Choli

Designers Lehenga Choli
The lehenga choli is a classical Indian women's outfit, particularly in Rajasthan. The lehenga blouse is the most popular type of Indian ethnic clothing for women and is a must-have in the wardrobe if you want to try out Indian Fashion. The lehenga choli is a traditional wedding and celebration dress worn by women of all ages. The lehenga choli is a two-piece outfit consisting of a lehenga (long skirt) and a choli (an Un-cut midriff top). A lehenga choli set is an excellent example of a Diwali Outfit for ladies because it is an all-in-one outfit that can be worn on any occasion. In addition, the lehenga blouse design can be worn with heavy jewelry and traditional Indian and Western footwear, such as heels and wedges.

3. Latest Designer Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez
The classic and fashionable salwar kameez, known for its elegance and comfort, is one of the most authentic outfits. This outfit has become so popular that it has become the outfit of preference for several women all over the world. As a result, designers worldwide have created various designs and changes over time to keep up with current trends and meet popular demand.
  • Designs and patterns
Designers have transformed the traditional outfit to something more contemporary and have come up with various ways, such as casual salwar suits, with rolled-up sleeves, bold collars, and truncated shirt style Kurtis, that ooze in Fashion and elegance and help elevate the look of the traditional Diwali outfit to a different level. The outfit is dressed by women of all ages and has gained immense popularity among working-class women as one of their most preferred choices of informal, traditional Indian wear. Because of its comfort, it has become a popular choice of outfit, particularly for working-class women, who have succeeded in making this casual outfit stylish enough to wear to work while maintaining a professional appearance. So, let us look at Diwali online shopping for the latest fashion trends.

4. Stunning Gowns

With so many gowns available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best one. However, depending on the occasion and your style, you can browse our incredible selection of designer party-wear gowns and select the one that appeals to you at the best price. Dresses come in various types, from lengthy casual gowns, button-lining gowns, and wedding gowns. Designer Gowns are fantastic for Diwali parties because they give you a classy, elegant look that makes a statement! Evening parties call for full flared dresses with embellishments and intricate work.

5. Designer Kurtis

A designer Kurti is also one of the most adaptable Indian outfits for girls and women, and it is a simple Diwali outfit. This clothing's comfort, classiness, and style options are unparalleled, making it a popular choice for women of all ages. The best part is that a Kurti flatters any body type. Long, short, embellished, lengthy, front-slit, and other variations of kurta are popular among women, depending on their needs and desires. This garment is available in various trends, colors, and styles and is worn by students, office workers, homemakers, and others. They can also wear Kurtis with jeans, leggings, churidars, or even a Patiala to make a distinctive look in family get-togethers. However, cotton Kurtis is most likely the first and most obvious choice, especially in the Indian summer. But, with all of your office or home responsibilities, do you have time to grab that sassy number? It is as simple as a click and a moment to get your desired designer Kurtis for women from Kreeva. Purchasing the desired style in the comfort of your party and gatherings can be the coziest treat ever. Look, browse, compare, and buy everything new, trendy, and Fashion.

Final words

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