Perfect Jodhpuri Suits For Men
We live in a country with a diverse background, rich culture, and unique way of expressing our joys on occasions, cultural events, and parties. Besides women dressing up in traditional attires, men are also known you have developed a liking and taste towards such outfits.
Jodhpuri Suits For Men
In fact, in India, men have always adapted to the traditional dressing sense without hesitation, it comes naturally to them. The Jodhpuri suit is by far one of the most popular ones, known for its exquisite glamour and beauty. With a wide range of options to choose from, the current market has truly stepped it up with varied Jodhpuri suit designs for men. Some have added an Indo western touch to the traditional outfit, and some have enhanced the suits with extravagant designs, patterns, and newer forms of fabric. There is nothing better than a Jodhpuri suit if you wish to make a perfect fashion statement, unique yet rooted in a celebrated culture. Read on to know about the provided selections and how you can style them all, a suit that suits your needs.

An Ethnic Gem In Your Fashionable Collection

The biggest lie that people have been told in the present times is that you cannot make an unparalleled fashion statement while wearing something ethnic. The ethnic bandhgala suit is all that you need to look royal. Whether it is a festival, or a marriage, or even a casual event that requires you to wear formal clothing, you can find the latest Jodhpuri suit that goes well with the situation at any given point in time. This is the beauty of the traditional outfit, with no extra accessories, it can carry its own essence, enhancing your look for the day.

What Is A Jodhpuri Suit?

For the curious ones, the Jodhpuri suit is also known as a bandhgala suit, originally popular from the Jodhpur state as the name suggests. Mostly hand embroidered, accompanied by a waistcoat, it is a shorter cut outfit worn usually in contrast to the trousers. It was designed accidentally by Maharaja Pratap Singh when he first visited England to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with Queen Victoria. After having lost his luggage, not to give up on his culture, he assigned the tailor with the task of stitching together a piece just for him. Hence it is naturally a modern approach to the traditional Indian kurtas. Back then it was the Maharaja who was appreciated among his fashion circles for his malfunctioned outfit, today you could also be admired in your best Jodhpuri attire.

The Indo-Modern Look: Jodhpuri Suits For The Classy

Jodhpuri Suits For The Classy look
The present times call for a more modern approach to everything, their outfits being one of them. Industries have not just adapted to this demand, but thrived, setting trends in the market and coming up with innovative designs. It has now gained popularity as fusion wear, coming in a combination of three pieces originally. The suit, a pair of trousers, and a waist to finish the look. It is mostly worn with a kurta pajama which can be replaced by dhoti pants or formals. The traditional Jodhpuri sherwani is another fashionable design that has an unparalleled embroidery design, sometimes showcasing the best of handcrafted designs too. Zari cut dana, Resham, beads, ektaar, crystal, and jameshwari are widely chosen styles. Knitted more or less with simpler fabrics like cotton linings under silk, crepe, and georgette, these are made to offer comfortable beauty. Their timeless class is known to set them apart when it comes to men's ethnic wear, a true trendsetter that can please just about anyone’s and everyone’s eyes.

The Perfect Marriage Outfit For You

Latest Jodhpuri suits have made it to the marriage grounds, allowing grooms to show off their classic ethnic suits and set trends. It is common to spot multiple men, besides the groom, wearing the three-piece suit. The best part about this outfit is that it can be paired with about any solid color. There are no boundaries in how you can learn the suit, customizing to meet the needs of the groom and sometimes creating a new look by putting on the Nehru or open collar jacket. In the modern era, the latest Jodhpuri suits are gaining more prominence due to their beauty and unique approach to tradition. Ruling the world of wedding outfits, You can wear three different bandhgala suits on all your wedding events, and not just the main ceremony. Once you pick the right fit for yourself, there is nothing left to be done but to impress. First, you impress yourself and then continue to charm others with such a classic effortless traditional beauty.

Style Your Jodhpuri Suit

The first step is definitely to choose from among a vast collection that includes embroidered suits, multi-colored prints, solid prints, and even works of brocade. Once you have found the design that is meant for you, complete the charismatic look with some added glamour.

● Perfect Pair Of Shoes

Originally, the traditional juttis ruled the markets when it came to ethnic wear. In this case, you can also decide on velvet loafers or complete formals, since the outfit in itself is Indo-western in nature.

● Brooch

This could be termed as important as a chandbali is for a woman. An elegant clip that has a contrasting color can intensify the traditionality of your outfit. You can match it with the color of your pants, or put it on your waistcoat rather than on your quarter, matching the color of the Jodhpuri suit.

● Jackets

The outfit originally comes with a jacket, but there are options to choose from; asymmetric, or ones containing side slits rather than the vertical opening, and even printed jodhpuri.

Types Of Trending Jodhpuri Suits

Defining the royal fashion exquisitely, it is an outfit specifically meant for kings. Provided are the best suit ideas that can help you make the perfect fashion statement:

1. Royal Jodhpuri Suit

Royal Jodhpuri Suit
The original, there is nothing better than what has always been worn since the establishment of true royal elegance even during the times of the maharajas.

2. Floral Bandhgala

Well suited for casual occasions, they can bring joy on just any festive day, bringing together your outfit as well as your close ones.

3. Velvet Blue

This is the most Roman and western look, especially in the winter season. Right at the beginning of autumn marketers are observed stocking up on these warm and complimentary royal blue velvets.

4. Regal Ethnic

Popular among celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, and Sushant Singh Rajput, this is a Rajputana-inspired fashion sense with rich hints of Indo-western fusion.

5. Angrakha Jodhpuri

Angrakha Jodhpuri suit
This is a specific next style that was prominent among the Mughals, and later adopted by Bollywood movies. If you are looking for a unique jacket style that isn’t too flashy but still classic, this is the best option for you.

6. Coil Kurta

If you have a more modern event to attend or even a formal one where you would like to showcase your tradition yet stay within borders, the coil kurta won't fail to please you. An original Jodhpuri jacket is all you need stupid along with your coil kurta.

7. Salwars

There is something in dhotis and shalwars that scream wedding celebrations. This is an appreciated old classic way to make a statement.

8. Jute Jacket

It is not commonly known by people that they can pair Jute jackets with their bandhgalas. It isn’t difficult to find one, but jackets with gold finishing and lightweight fabrics underneath are recommended for a more comfortable festive joy.

9. Gold

That’s it, that is all that you need in your Jodhpuri Suit to look good, a golden touch where the sun compliments you constantly. Even for night events, it can make up for a minimalistic yet extravagant look.

10. Two-Toned

If no design of embroidery satisfies you enough, go for the original 2 toned ombre effect suits.

Shop For The Best Outfits Online

It is impossible to look for the best websites that deliver what they assure. We have been pretty used to online shopping before the pandemic, but the prevailing situation calls for safer options and thus this seems to be the only one available to most of us. The individuals who are leading the fashion industry have been provided with an extravagant range of designer Jodhpuri suits for men. Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur is known for his dynamic thread designs, Rohit Kamra, on the other hand, makes a point to extend the quarter on a more classical heritage form, and Sanyakk specializes in royal Jodhpuri wedding suits. They serve customers not just from India but also foreign countries like Australia, Singapore, Canada, USA. You can even shop for the latest trending designs from online sites and stories like Utsav Fashion, Body Line Store, Myntra, Jade Blue, Manyavar, and even Amazon if the situation calls for such measures. It's time you stop worrying about what to wear! Let Jodhpuri Suits do the talking and make a bold fashion statement like never before. Perfect for any occasion, take the next step to a fashionable future with attractive traditional wears.