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Saree is not just any regular outfit; it is culture, tradition, and beauty all draped into a piece of stunning cloth. A saree is a go-to for many women as it is traditional and looks stunning. It is said that an Indian lady looks her best when she adorns a gorgeous saree, and we do agree. Saree is one piece of clothing that you could experiment with by draping it in several ways. It is a supremely versatile piece of clothing that one should own. There is something about saree that will never go out of fashion. It is timeless. That does not mean that we can't experiment with it. Since saree is such a versatile piece of clothing, we have experimented tremendously, especially over the last few years. Be it by choosing different designs, patterns, or prints or by styling uniquely with western clothes to add that hint of modern with a classic saree.

Half And Half Sarees To Keep Your Fashion Game Strong!

Half And Half Sarees
Saree has gone through a bit of transition and experimentation and has various unusual styles to wear. Half saree is one of them. Half Saree is more popular and more worn in South India. Half saree is worn more by girls in their teens or girls who are eligible for marriage. It is insane how the same clothing piece can show so many details just by the way it is draped and worn. Isn't it? Half sarees are also called as Half Lehengas. A traditional half saree is not limited to a color palette. It is available in a varied range of colors, making it ethnic yet quirky with prints and color. There are various designs available in Half and Half sarees. A lady has a wide range of choices to choose from.

• Colour Scheme

Just because it is a traditional outfit, it by no means is boring and old. A traditional Half and half saree is a stunning piece anyway, but you can make it your own by experimenting with colors. From pinks to reds, from orange to now even neons, Half and half sarees are made to fit every skin tone and every requirement. Traditional with a modern touch always works. The conventional cloth and design of the saree with funky bright colors is the way to go. It looks stunning when worn and appropriately draped. Do not overthink - this half and half saree design is perfect for everyone who wants a traditional yet contemporary look. Colors can define the style you are going for and can make the entire outfit look your own.

• Jacquard Half and Half Saree

Jacquard Half and half sarees have become more popular these days and for all the right reasons. Jacquard is a type of fabric not embroidered but is directly woven in the piece of cloth. It is intricate, precise, and gorgeous. Jacquard half and half sarees are again available in many colors, and the design adds that extra hint of royalty. Jacquard half and half sarees define richness and luxury as they look that beautiful and royal.

Jacquard sarees are again subdivided, creating more Half and Half saree designs

• Brocade Fabric

This elaborates the regular Jacquard half and half saree using multiple color trends, creating a more funky and edgy pattern.

• Damask Fabric

Damask fabric is more delicate and sheer compared to brocade fabric, and unlike brocade, it is woven using a single color, creating uniformity.

• Matelassé Fabric

This is a design that can be achieved in a Half and Half cotton sarees or half and half silk sarees as the fabric has a quilted effect making it stretchy. You can buy these Jacquard half sarees online as a huge variety is available. You can also check the Kreeva website here for half and half saree online shopping as they specialize in sarees as well.

• Zari Work Half and Half Sarees

Zari Work Half and Half Sarees
Zari work half and half sarees are elegant and look like royalty. These gorgeous pieces of saree are no less than art as it required extraordinary artisans to ace this. Zari work or Zardosi work is an intricate half and half saree design that is made with the intricate art of weaving fine threads of gold and silver. It requires a lot of finesse and precision. Zari half and half sarees are again subdivided into three categories.

• Real Zari

Real Zari work half and half sarees are made with real gold and silver threads making it extremely expensive.

• Imitation Zari

Imitation Zari work half and half sarees, as the name suggests, are made with silver electroplated (thinly) copper wire. They are used as a replacement or substitution of silver.

• Metallic Zari

Metallic Zari work is the latest half and half saree design pattern where the slitted polyester metalized film is used. This one is affordable compared to imitation zari and real zari work. You can buy half and half sarees online by visiting the Kreeva website as they have a supreme half and half saree collection.

• Resham Embroidery Half and Half Saree

Embroidery Half and Half Saree
Resham Embroidery half and half sarees are stunning. This design is classic and timeless and would look good on practically everyone irrespective of age. Resham embroidery is made with the help of resham thread for creating complex and intricate patterns. What makes it special is that it is all done by hand, giving it a more luxurious look. Resham embroidery looks excellent on Half & half cotton sarees, half and half pashmina sarees, or even in georgette and Half and half silk sarees. The fabric determines the way the design and pattern would look. In simple words, this half and half saree design adds charm to the whole look.

• Stone Work Half and Half Sarees

Stone-work sarees are dramatic yet captivating. Stone-work half saree designs in wedding is something that looks stunning as the bride would want that extra drama and shine. Stone-work half and half sarees are using a wide range of decorative stitching in different colors to create exquisite designs. Here, a stone is used as a centerpiece and the show-stealer. Since it requires precious or semi-precious stones, this half and half saree design took a long time to make initially. But now machines continue to create the same pattern in less time. This design works on many fabrics like silk, chiffon, lace, organza, etc. This half and half saree is definitely a show stealer because of its beauty.

• Sequin Work Half and Half Saree

Sequin half and half sarees are so in style right now. They are a traditional half and half saree that provide a modern look. It creates that perfect balance of Indo-western look that is currently very popular. Sequins are an adornment that elevates your basic saree. They add that extra shine and bling and also glamour to the other traditional half and half saree. Since these are mere adornments, they come in different shapes and sizes, and you can customize it as per your liking and taste. These are versatile and look good on many half and half saree fabrics like cotton, silk, and georgette. These half and half saree designs look fabulous. Most people prefer wearing these as a party wear half n half saree as they are a little over the top.

• Applique Work Half and Half Sarees

Applique Work Half n half sarees have gained popularity over some time. Applique basically comes from French culture, which means "something applied." Applique work is again a type of embroidery wherein a smaller patch of fabric is attached to a larger or bigger material. This creates an embossed effect that looks unique and pretty. Stichting to perfection is critical to ace this half and half saree design. Mostly straight stitch or running stitch method is used here. Young ladies are more attracted to wearing an applique half and half saree as it is subtle and straightforward yet looks classy. You can also style these sarees with chunky jewelry pieces as the saree as a whole is simple and effortless.

Final Word

Generations will come and go, fashion will change, but saree is here to stay forever. We have seen our grandmother wearing a saree, we have seen our mother wearing a saree now we are wearing a saree - it's evergreen. Yes, but styling it has changed, and we have started experimenting more and more with it. Like here, a traditional half saree can be worn in different ways and are available in various designs. You can easily spice up this conventional half and half sarees into something unique, depending on your taste and aesthetic. This unique half and half sarees will surely amplify your look and give it your personality. That's the great thing about a Half n half saree - you could customize, style and drape it differently, or you can go for unique designs that would make the look extraordinary. There is a reason why saree is called a versatile piece!