Salwar Suits This Ganpati Festival
On the Hindu calendar, Ganesh Chaturthi is typically celebrated between August and September. Hindus celebrate the holiday with great fervour. The birth of Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is commemorated. The devotees bring statues of Lord Ganesha to their homes and offer him two daily prayers as well as suggestions for desserts. They keep his idol with them, and worship him in their homes for seven to ten days. The Lord Ganesha idols are traditionally immersed in water bodies like the sea or a river on the final day of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in a colourful and musical ceremony.
Salwar Suits for Ganpati Festival
Ganesha is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, also known as Ganapati or Vinayaka. He is the Lord of the arts and sciences and the deva of wisdom, and he is known by 108 different names. As the God of beginnings, he is honoured at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies. The festival, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, is widely observed throughout India with great fanfare. The festival's charm is found in the decorations, joy, and excitement that permeate the area for about ten days. Basically, Ganesha Chaturthi occurs during Bhadrapaada, a Hindu month that begins on Shukla Chaturthi and ends on Anant Chaturdashi. With the approaching Ganesh Chaturthi, it is time to greet the holy deity with devotion, rituals, smiles, and your loved ones. Because of the importance of this celebration, you should wear your best attire. Along with adhering to tradition, it also entails dressing to impress on special occasions. The tried-and-true strategy is to choose eye-catching ethnic clothing to spice up your traditional attire and up your fashion game. Traditional clothing has a great fit and feel and is comfortable. An ethnic outfit can give a festival a subtle yet stunning flair. It officially kicks off at the beginning of September this year, and it unquestionably calls for the best ethnic attire. One is expected to attend a lot of social visits during this festive time. Check out our compiled list for the perfect Ganesh Chaturthi attire for all 11 days if you're a lady who enjoys dressing traditionally. Here is a specially curated list of the best salwar suit options for your Ganesh Chaturthi outfit.

Must Try Salwar Suits This Ganpati Festival!

1. Kurta Sets that are Full of Life

Kurta Sets
Kurtas will always be a staple in a festive wardrobe, but the Ganesh Chaturthi holiday encourages some experimentation with bold hues and modern occasion wear. Pick vibrant kurta ensembles that are suitable for events like these because they have a classic, adaptable design. Although kurtas will always be a staple in a festive wardrobe, Ganesh Chaturthi calls for some experimentation with vibrant colours and contemporary event wear. Pick eye-catching kurta sets that are suitable for these kinds of occasions and have a classic, versatile style, such as chanderi kurtis, designer salwar suits, or plain salwar suits. You can wear them with a variety of pants, jeans, or salwars. To create a distinctive look, mix and match different dupattas.

2. Sharara Sharara!

Among all the clothing, shararas and salwars are among the most recognisable ethnic bottoms. You will appear angelic due to the weight of the motifs on ethereal georgette or chiffon. Similar to a lehenga, a salwar suit and shararas are a complete outfit with a top, bottom, and stole that are all tailored to the wearer's uniqueness. Their sophistication can be greatly revealed by the delicate chikan design on a fairly wide sharara bottom. A sharara is a set of clothing that consists of straight Kurtis and loose, wide-legged Kurtis. Unlike gharara, which are knee-length and extremely tight. Sharara has always been in trend whatsoever. Given that it is loose-fitting, Sharara looks stunning on almost every body type. Such sharara attire is apt for Ganesh Chaturthi! You can play around with the hues and patterns to discover your ideal colour or design. You can accessorise your outfits with a variety of jewellery.

3. Chikankari is the Way to Go!

Chikankari kurti
Chikankari embroidery designs are undoubtedly a delight because they are so delicate, tender, dreamy, and fine. A chikankari outfit can give this festive a delicate yet magnificent flair. One of India's most exquisite and beautiful embroidery techniques is chikankari. The lovely thread decorations give it a lovely appearance. For Indian summers, its delicate and expertly made hand embroidery is ideal. There are numerous ways to wear a chikankari kurta. When you select a chikankari set, you get a chic fusion of comfort and versatility with an ethnic fashion element.

4. One can never go wrong with a Punjabi Salwar Suit

Punjabi Salwar Suit
The traditional dress of Punjabi women, the salwar suit is made of luxurious fabrics in vivid hues and embellished with intricate embroidery. East and west Punjabi women wore the traditional salwar kameez with a head scarf, which later became popular in other regions of north India, such as z. The Punjabi salwar suits are made up of a short, closely fitted tunic or kameez, a loose-fitting pair of pants or salwar, and a dupatta or scarf with a vibrant print. Modern designer Punjabi suits also incorporate these traditional embroideries into the modern apparels in order to create a harmonious fusion of tradition and fashion. The intricate Phulkari, Bagh, and Gota work on traditional Punjabi salwar kameez is renowned. The exquisite needlework enhances the wearer's charm and persona while also making the suits more appealing and attractive. The intricate embroidery on the Punjabi salwar suits is unmatched by any other type of clothing. The contemporary iterations of Punjabi salwar suits feature floral motifs, Phulkari embroidery, zari, and gota work. When worn with jewellery made of metal and jhola bags, they are gorgeous.

5. The good ol' Salwar Suit

Salwar Suit
An essential women's outfit in India is the salwar suit. Without the salwar suit, a woman's wardrobe is lacking. It is both easy to use and comfortable, as well as intricate and ornamental. We can create in a variety of styles that are appropriate for settings ranging from formal events like weddings to the workplace and daily life. An excellent choice for Ganesh Chaturthi is a cape top and palazzo set because of how stunning it can look. Consider wearing an old palazzo with a cape top for a rustic yet stylish look, and accessorise with contemporary jewellery and jootis. Another style that appears to be gaining popularity is wearing a salwar suit with a jacket to keep your outfit subtly unique. Finish off your look with a chic dupatta and statement necklaces.

6. Banarasi Suit Trumps All

Banarasi Suit
Banarasi suits are unmatched in beauty and hold a special place in Indian wardrobes. The intricate designs of Banarasi suits are one of their most striking features, establishing this fabric as unique and opulent when compared to other materials. There should be at least one Banarasi silk suit outfit in every Indian woman's cultural wardrobe, and what better occasion to wear it than on Ganesh Chaturthi? The timeless beauty and cultural depth of Banarasi party wear suits are well known. Put together a royal banarasi suit with simple jewellery and jootis.For any festival, a banarasi jacquard kurta and dupatta suit is appropriate. Depending on your comfort level, you can wear it with a plain palazzo, plain salwar, or a sharara. Keep the bottom apparel very simple because this dress is already quite heavy. Your entire appearance exudes class and elegance. Today, the majority of celebrities choose this look as well.

7. Gota Patti Suit

Gota Patti Suit
It is a magnificent piece of applique embroidery made in India. Small Zari fragments, typically from Lucknow, are primarily made of gold, silver, and copper. They are further stitched to the fabric to make intricate patterns. The Mughal and Rajput Rajasthan were big fans of this traditional Rajasthani craft. This Ganesh Chaturthi, you can make this traditional craft more contemporary by adding some modern flair! After all, we'd all like to wear a statement piece on a particular day! Gota Patti work is your saviour if you want bling in your clothing but don't want to pack on a lot of weight. It is not nearly as heavy as mirror work or as heavy as priceless jewels. You can carry around a gorgeous gota patti potli or stroll around carefree in a gota patti suit.

8. Palazzo Suits

Palazzo Suits
Palazzo suits have managed to draw a lot of attention from women who are not die-hard denim fans thanks to their free, classic style and pattern that have developed over time. The craze surrounding palazzo suits and sets has overcome all of the annoying fashion roadblocks and blossomed into a flower of consolation for women coping with dressing up cues, particularly when it comes to being ethnic. The world of the palazzo is constantly growing, giving top priority to comfort and materials that are kind to the skin. For both work and play, palazzos have become the preferred attire. You can now bring one of the season's best looks home and snooze in the cosiest clothing. Turn some heads, girl, this Ganesh Chaturthi!

9. 'The' Anarkali Suit

Anarkali Suit
An anarkali suit is very comfortable to wear for long hours because it is timeless and attractive. Additionally, an anarkali suit is a dress that stands out in a crowd with ease. Such a fantastic outfit instantly improves one's appearance. Modern women constantly test out novel fashion ideas. And the double-layered Anarkali suit is the best result. It is the pinnacle of a traditional silhouette combined with a western idea. Women of any age can also express their personal style in this way. You can also find variations in this style with decorative belts. Additionally, tulle frills and a silk layer can work well together in a double-layered Anarkali. For a more elaborate appearance, dress in this Anarkali style with raw silk, soft silk, or pashmina silk. Additionally, the pitta and zardozi work looks fantastic in this style.

10. No Slip up with the Slit Cut!

Slit Cut
The most iconic ethnic garment, which dates back to the Mughal and ancient Persian eras, is the stylish women's salwar suit, which still occupies a prominent position in every Indian woman's wardrobe. With time and the widespread acceptance of salwar suits, however, a number of fashion designers have begun experimenting with this outfit to give it a surreal appearance. In addition to using various fabrics, designers are now creating a variety of salwar kameez with slits that range from a classic front slit to subtle side slits, which women adore donning to boost their beauty and elegance.

The three most popular slit cut Kurti and salwar designs are listed below.

1. Front Slit Cuts

These slits are the most common in modern fashion. Your front-slit Kurti will look great paired with palazzos, churidars, or any other fashionable bottom clothing.

2. Side Slit Cuts

The oldest and most popular type of cut is the side slit cut. For festive and casual occasions, women can choose a stylish side-slit-cut dress to look more stylish and elegant.

3. Thigh Slit Cuts

These slit cuts on salwar suits are the most modern. For a daring touch, consider wearing a long Anarkali with a high-thigh slit cut.

Final Word

You may be busy organising the celebration even though Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner. It's time to put your best fashion foot forward if you're looking for something stunning to wear for this special occasion and want to make sure that your Ganesh puja outfit is the talk of the town. Simply put, this day also presents a wonderful opportunity to dress up in your ethnic style and to try out new looks. Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival of optimism and hope, is thought to bring good fortune and joy into people's homes. Therefore, be sure to dress in a way that is both straightforward and striking to enhance the beauty of the occasion. Inspire yourself to put together the ideal look for a glam diva this Ganesh Chaturthi with our extensive selection of ethnic wear at Kreeva, which ranges from straightforward silk sarees to lavish lehenga cholis. Make this Ganesh Chaturthi memorable by enjoying delectable sweets, dancing to the dhol, and dressing appropriately to dominate the fashion show!