Reusing Wedding Lehenga Choli
Do you still look at your old wedding photographs and find yourself reminiscing about the glorious night when all eyes were on you? When you married the love of your life in your gorgeous lehenga choli that you picked with such great care and thought? Every girl has different preferences when it comes to how she wants to get married, where she wants to get married, when she wants to get married, and to whom she wants to get married. But the one common thing most women wish for is to look breathtaking on their wedding day. We bet you did too! Whether you opted for an expensive designer lehenga or bought custom fabric and got your local tailor to stitch beautiful lehenga styles for wedding, your fondness for your wedding outfit will forever remain the same.
Best Wedding Lehenga Choli
But why should the special lehenga choli from your wedding be left to gather dust in your cupboard without ever seeing the light of day? It deserves to be loved by you again. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to reuse your wedding lehenga choli just yet. We’re here to suggest the most creative ways you can do that because we just cannot bear the thought of your wedding dress not being used. So, allow us to show you how you can wear your wedding lehenga choli on occasions such as family events, friends’ weddings, and even numerous other festivities. The secret here is to blend the rich legacy of your lehenga and balance it out by adding a modern touch. Keep reading on!

Gorgeous choli with a plain lehenga to help create a perfectly graceful look

The entire idea of not wearing your wedding lehenga choli again came from the fact that the combination of the three sets, being the choli, lehenga, and dupatta, appears to be too heavy. But nobody said you cannot wear them separately. Go ahead and get that beautiful choli and style it with a plain ghagra or skirt. If you are somebody who loves Navratri like us and if you already have plenty of colourful and lightweight ghagras in your wardrobe which will go perfectly with your wedding choli, don't hesitate to pair them together. Go a little light on jewellery; maybe just add jhumkas and a cute little bindi; this will give you a perfect look for festivities, weddings, and every special occasion imaginable! Wear it for a Dandiya or Garba night confidently. You will be the best-dressed lady on the ground for sure! After all, we all quietly wish for that to happen, don't we?

Wedding lehenga with a warm-toned t-shirt to create a flamboyant look

This one is somewhat similar to what we talked about earlier, except that here you switch your wedding choli for the gorgeous lehenga. Pair your elegant lehenga with a simple t-shirt. The only thing which can make or break your look is the tone you choose for your t-shirt. The ideal t-shirt should be one that tones down the outfit instead of adding additional bling to your attire. Meaning, that rather than going for poppy colours, opt for neutral tones. A plain black or white t-shirt will do wonders. Pair this with silver or golden hoops, maybe a high ponytail, or just let your hair loose. Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable, and prepare to look like a sassy goddess!

Wedding dupatta with a salwar suit of your choice for a sophisticated chic look

Salwar suit with dupatta
This one is the simplest way of reusing your wedding lehenga choli. Pairing your wedding dupatta with a simple salwar suit will give it an effortlessly elegant look. If you are someone who does not mind getting all the attention, and being showered with compliments without really putting much effort into your outfit, go for this! Believe us; people will turn heads wherever you go.

Wedding lehenga with a shirt for an Indo-western look

This look focuses more on an Indo-western look instead of a traditional or ethnic one. You can pair your lehenga with a white shirt to create a picture-perfect and modern look. With this attire, you will radiate confidence, and everybody around you will make sure they do not mess with a lady as fierce looking as you. Imagine yourself in your lehenga, with a long white shirt styled with a beautiful oxidised statement necklace and a jutti! We do not know which other outfit you can trust in your wardrobe, but you can certainly place 100% trust in this attire to give you the perfect Indo western look. A white shirt on top of your wedding lehenga simply cannot disappoint.

Wear the lehenga with an Anarkali top for a unique look

This is a brilliant way of rescuing your lehenga choli. Got a function to attend in which you absolutely cannot afford to look too simple, nor too overdressed? Put on your lehenga, and to go with it, add just about any Anarkali top; obviously, we are kidding! Remember the balance we talked about earlier? Pick a basic Anarkali top and throw in some oxidised jewellery like a cuff bracelet and a handcrafted jutti, and you are ready to impress.

Lehenga with a jacket for a sassy look

Jacket Style Lehenga Choli
A simple modification to the shirt and lehenga combination is a jacket replacing the shirt. A plus side to this is you can add the jacket on top of the shirt as well. Looking cool in traditional attire has never been easier, has it? If you got a red lehenga like most brides, a white shirt and a long jacket would create wonders. If it is the winter season, this jacket will most definitely keep you warm, along with making you look badass.

Dupatta draped like a saree for a spellbinding look

Draped Style Saree lehenga
What if we tell you that you can use your dupatta as a saree drape. Crazy, isn’t it? This one might not sound right but it will surely look just right. Plus you would be amazed at how one heavy dupatta can elevate your normal saree or even a suit for that matter. This outfit will be perfect for any festivities and you would wish you had known this little trick before.

Wedding lehenga with a crop top, kaala chashma and sports shoes to give you Bollywood feels

This outfit is perfect if you wish to look like a cool bridesmaid at your friend’s sangeet. There are so many influencers on Instagram who have gracefully pulled off a crop top lehenga choli. Hence, if you have any doubts as to how they are styled, head over to Instagram, put the right hashtags and it will help you find inspiration for the perfect crop top with a lehenga look. We do not know about you but this attire gives us a complete Bollywood vibe. I am sure you can imagine how absolutely cool this will look. I mean if you would not have been married, you would get loads of wedding prospects and envious stares from all the aunties *wink*.

Wedding lehenga with a black or white straight cut kurta for the perfect festive look

There are just so many ways you can reuse your wedding lehenga to create absolutely gorgeous looks, and this one is no less. This attire is simple yet elegant. All you need for this is a plain straight cut kurta. Wear a back or white long kurta with your lehenga. If you wish to elevate this look even further, put on some oxidised jewellery, leave your hair open, and wear a small maang tika to complete the look. This will make you get into a festive mood right away!

Making alterations and turning them into a different piece altogether

Last but not least, making alterations to your wedding dress can turn it into something else entirely. Remember! It is not the design that is special to you but the outfit. You can consider changing the outfit into something more practical or wearable than just putting it in the cupboard for the rest of your life. This can be your way of celebrating the outfit.
Wedding Bridal Lehenga Choli
Seeing how often the trends change in the market, you might think that a dress with a design that is most definitely out of fashion will be of no use. We will give you an idea for that as well, if you are willing to restitch your dress into something else. Getting your dress re-stitched into something like a co-ord will turn your old-fashioned dress into a trendy outfit that you can pull off on just about any occasion. Just imagine yourself walking into a Diwali party with this gorgeous co-ord. See how many looks you can create with your wedding lehenga choli. We know you feel bad about not knowing this sooner, but better late than never! Get that beautiful outfit out of that dreadful cupboard, it does not belong there. Use this lehenga choli to create countless elegant looks. If you do not have the perfect clothes to balance out your wedding outfit, check out the Kreeva shopping website. You will find yourself loaded with many beautiful options for your Wedding bridal lehenga choli and dupatta revamp project. After all, that is the kind of win-win situation we all want in life, you get to reuse your special lehenga plus you get to buy new clothes. For all of our lovely to-be brides, you might just end up finding your perfect wedding bridal lehenga online on their platform too. Happy shopping to you from us!