Select The Best Indian Kurtis
India is a country where festivals are the heart of every culture. Various occasions pop up without warning every now and then. Coping up in terms of fashion with this never-ending stream of occasions can be daunting. Thus prior preparation is a must. Fortunately, with a large number of occasions comes a huge choice of outfits in the markets. Kurtis is one of the most evergreen outfits, perfect for all occasions. From floor-length Kurtis to short, kaftan-style kurtis, Indian ethnic wear spoils us with choices. The best part is that every kurti offers a unique style, ideal for flaunting your style game on every occasion. Nonetheless, with such a wide range of options comes the dilemma of choosing the right one. To relieve you of your burden, we have a few tips on how to choose the best Indian kurtis for diverse events. We have also jazzed it up with a few styling notes to make your life easier and your fashion game stronger!

How To Pick The Best Indian Kurtis For Ladies For Every Occasion?

Best Indian Kurtis
Kurtis is always a go-to, be it on any occasion. As much as there is a variety of Indian wear, there is a huge variety of Indian Kurtis alone in the market. So it can get pretty confusing as to which one is the perfect fit for a specific occasion. Kurtis is comfortable, stylish, appealing, and overall a smart choice to wear for any and every occasion.

1. Tips To Select A Kurti For A Formal Occasions

Kurti For A Formal Occasions
Formal occasions include daily office wear, interviews, and meetings. You might think Kurtis are only for special occasions and wearing them for a formal occasion wouldn't be the best choice. But lately, Indian Kurtis have been trending, and more and more designs have been coming up for various occasions and events. However, it is pretty simple to choose a formal Kurti over others. You simply need to keep a few specifics in mind.
  • Go For Simple And Neutral Colours

For formal occasions, go for casual Indian kurtis rendered in simple colours. Round neck, collar neck, and boat neck kurtis work like magic. They offer a minimalist look and keep things all professional.
  • Try Long And Shirt Style Kurtis

You can also go for long, shirt-style kurtis with simple embroidery if it is a sophisticated, formal event. These kurtis not only flaunt your beauty, but are comfortable, and choosing the right design will make you look professional and serious about showing up to work. You can accessorise these simple kurtis with some studs and a chain.

2. Tips To Select A Kurti For Small Gatherings Or Pujas

Kurti For Small Gatherings Or Pujas
A small gathering or a puja could be a spontaneous decision so having attire ready for it at all times is a must. You can easily buy the best Indian Kurtis online these days. All you need to make sure of is the kind of Kurtis you want to wear. Buying Indian Kurtis online is a great idea for an impromptu get-together. However, it can be quite overwhelming to choose from a wide variety of options. Hence, we are here to ease your pain.
  • Ethnic And Elegant- The Perfect Package

An ethnic Kurti would be ideal with not-so-heavy embroidery designs for a small gathering or a puja. You can go for printed kurtis, A-line kurtis, or elegant anarkalis, all with an angrakha neckline. Pair it with matching leggings, a dupatta, and minimal makeup, and you're great to go.

3. Tips To Select A Kurti For Weddings

Kurti For Weddings
Weddings are the one grand occasion where you can break all barriers and show off your excellent style. You cannot compromise with styling at a wedding. You need to take dressing up for the wedding seriously. Now there is no lack of unique designer Kurtis for us. You can easily find a wealth of the best Indian kurtis online. However, you will once again wind up getting confused as to find your perfect fit.
  • Go All Out With Heavily-Embellished Kurtis

Wearing full-length embellished Kurtis would be a great choice for weddings. Also, Kurtis that look like sarees, with the dupatta attached to a pant, would look ravishing. Heavy Anarkali is the go-to for Indian weddings. Hence, that can be an alternative too.
  • Choose Shades As Per The Time Of The Event

For morning weddings, choose kurtis with pastel and subtle shades, with just the right amount of bling. Warm and dark shades in kurtis are ideal for weddings occurring at night. Also, do not be stingy with your accessories as an ultimate glam look is all you need for a wedding.

4. Tips To Select A Kurti For Cocktail Parties

Kurti For Cocktail Parties
Cocktail parties are a modern event, and not many would choose ethnic wear for that. But just to stand out from the crowd, you could try stylish Kurtis that would look just as modern as any other party wear. Many modern Kurtis have come up in the market, so you have nothing to worry about while finding the right one for you.
  • Choose A Blend Of Modern and Traditional

Sleeveless long Kurtis with ankle-length pants and minimal makeup would be a smart choice for party wear. You can also wear an off-shoulder Kurti with ankle-length pants, and you are sure to create a style statement with that look.
  • Try An Indo-Western Look

Knee-length and short kurtis that look like dresses are great for cocktail parties. They offer an Indo-Western look that is sophisticated yet stylish.
  • Silk Kurtis Are Surreal

If you are looking for kurtis that offer a regal look for a cocktail party, silk is the answer. Silk and satin kurtis make exquisite cocktail partywear.

5. Tips To Select A Kurti For Travelling

Kurti For Travelling
Style and comfort can go hand-in-hand, thanks to the never-ending trendy Indian kurtis that have been in the market lately. While travelling, you must enjoy every minute of it. So wearing something just for the sake of style will hinder your experience of having fun while travelling.
  • Wear Something Casual Yet Chic

Wearing a casual Indian Kurti would be preferable at such times. A kaftan Kurti would be ideal for travelling as it is both comfortable and stylish and gives you room to breathe. Simply fitted Kurtis with ankle-length pants would look quite stylish as well.

6. Tips To Select A Kurti For A Romantic Date

Kurti For A Romantic Date
One thing we can thank Indian kurtis for is allowing us to flaunt our natural beauty flawlessly. It is simplistic in its unique way, making it comfortable to wear for any occasion. Trendy Indian kurtis are the best fit for a romantic or dinner date.
  • Go Fitted And Sleeveless

If you want to keep it simple yet stylish, you can wear a sleeveless fitted Kurti with jeans. If you want to go for an even classier look, then a centre-slit Kurti would be best. Pair it with ankle-length pants, accessorise yourself a bit, and you are good to go!
  • Keep It Toned Down

For dates, it is best to wear kurtis with fewer embellishments and embroidery, as it is important to keep them classy and contemporary.

7. Tips To Select A Kurti For Clubbing

Kurti For Clubbing
Clubbing is one occasion where everyone will purely show up with all sorts of modern wear. This is one occasion where one might not expect to go wearing ethnic wear. Yet there is no reason why you shouldn't experiment with an Indian Kurti for clubbing. Kurtis is so comfortable and stylish that no one would notice you have worn a Kurti to the club. You can find a huge collection of trendy Indian kurtis for clubbing.
  • Modern With Bling Is Perfect

For clubbing, it is best if you pick a modern-looking Kurti like a tail-cut Kurti or a front slit Kurti. You can also go for lightly-embellished kurtis if you are going to a glam nightclub. Pair it with stylish jeans, and that would be all.
  • Kurti And Palazzo - A Match Made In Heaven

A straight tunic Kurti with palazzo pants would be perfect for effortlessly dancing as well in the clubs. Clubbing is fun, and so should your outfit!

8. Tips To Select A Kurti For A Busy Day Out

Kurti For A Busy Day Out
Even if there is no occasion, but you just have a busy day ahead with many errands to run, then too Indian Kurtis are your best bet. Comfort is key on such occasions, and you will have to choose something minimalistic and simple. And what better than Kurtis, right?
  • Keep It Simple and Cotton

A cotton Kurti would be ideal for such occasions as it will allow you to comfortably get things done in your day without compromising your stylish looks. Pair it with regular jeans or comfy pants, and you are ready! You can accessorise yourself with a chunky necklace or big, bold earrings to look more stylish than ever! Wear it with your everyday flats, and you are good to get through the day!

Final Word

Kurtis is not just comfortable to wear but a fashion statement too. With the variety in the Kurti designs coming up, you will never have enough Kurtis. The above-mentioned are some of the occasions where you can flaunt stylish Indian kurtis along with the perfect kurti design for each occasion. Shop your Indian Kurti today with Kreeva, as you will get numerous options of Kurti designs to choose from. Visit the Kreeva website and choose the attire of your dreams today!