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When it comes to selecting the best wardrobe options for any occasion, we Indians are blessed to have a plethora of options available to us that range from suits and sarees to designer gowns and dresses. Even though the idea of wearing a designer gown to an Indian function may seem a bit odd, a lot of Indian designers have given it an Indo-western look, and therefore, make it an ideal and classy dress that you can wear in every Indian function. A designer dressing gown is the latest and most trendy version that the majority of Indian women choose to wear to various functions. Not only do these gowns give a chic look, but they are also very comfortable for women to roam around without worrying about their saree pleats!

Why Should you Choose to Wear a Designer Gown for a Function?

Designer Gown for a Function An Indian designer gown is all about grace and comfort. Not only does it guarantee to make the heads of people turn towards you, but it also makes your body feel comfortable. Since lehengas and sarees are way too cliche for the present-day functions, you should go to the road less taken, and amaze all the people by wearing a stunning gown!

Selecting an Indian Designer Gown Online

Gone are the days when you used to stroll through the market in search of a designer gown. With the availability of the internet, you can easily choose the perfect designer gown for yourself from a plethora of options.

Benefits of wearing a Designer Gown

The reasons listed below highlight the benefits of wearing a gown to a function:

● Stand out in the Crowd:

designer party wear gown
You have to agree to the fact that wearing a designer gown to a function will make you stand out in the crowd! Not only will you dress up differently, but you will also look the best and most stylish version of yourself. Since a designer party wear gown has various fabrics, designs, and embellishments, you can choose to pick out the best one that suits both your body type and the function that you will attend.

● Comfort at its Peak:

Believe it or not, but a designer gown is way more comfortable than a suit and a saree. Not only do you not need to worry about the pallu, pleats, or dupatta, but you can also roam freely because of the spacious leg space that a gown offers you. A gown is very breathy, and therefore, it is ideal for you to not feel suffocated in this stunning piece of clothing. Another benefiting factor of a gown is that you can choose between the various types of fabrics according to the weather or the location.

● Wide Range of Options:

It does not matter if you are buying designer gowns online or from physical stores, you are bound to come across a wide range of options from which you can choose the gown that suits your requirements. A lot of designers will guide you regarding the ideal gown that will suit your body type and make you look flawless as ever. Since every designer gown comes in different patterns, styles, and fabrics, you will get to choose the one that you are looking for. The best thing about these gowns is that you have the option of letting your designer know about any modifications that you want in your gown.

● Give you an Indo-Western Touch:

Gone are the days when gowns were just worn on western weddings. Nowadays, a lot of Indian brides are breaking the stereotype of wearing a lehenga to the wedding and opting for Indian evening gowns that give them a modern yet ethnic look. Various Indian designers are incorporating the style of this western dress and modifying it by using rich Indian fabrics and different embroideries to give it an Indian touch. Therefore, designer gowns are the most preferred choice of clothing chosen by modern-day Indian brides.

How to select an Indian Designer Gown?

How to select an Indian Designer Gown With so much variety in Indian wedding gowns, it can get confusing for you to choose the ideal gown for you. However, you will get to know that the gown is right for you when you feel like a diva after wearing it. Not only will the right gown make you comfortable, but it will also bring out the best in you. The following are the ways in which you can select the ideal gown for you.

1. Analyze the shape of your body:

The first and the most important step of looking fabulous in a designer gown is to assess your body type and choose the gown that suits it the best. The common categories of body types for most of the women are: a. Apple-Shaped: In this, the upper torso and shoulders are wider than the hips and legs. b. Pear-Shaped: In this, the lower body i.e. from the waist and the hips are broader than the bust. c. Hourglass: In this, the hips and bust have similar proportion and the waistline is slender. d. Rectangular: In this, there are no noticeable curves in the body. e. Petite: This is the body type of people falling under the height of 5'4", and have a well-defined hip and bust region. Depending on your body type, you will have to look for Indian gown design to wear.

2. Follow your Budget:

Before going to shop, you need to fix a budget that you will spend on your gown. This is an essential step as it will help you in filtering out the dresses that will fall under your budget. Since a designer store has various gowns, you are bound to get distracted by the expensive gowns, but you should stay true to your budget and follow it so that you do not end up spending money out of your budget. Another added tip is to shop for the gown during the off-season as there are a lot of discounts and offers.

3. Prioritize Gowns from Renowned Designers:

You get to wear partywear ethnic gowns only on a few occasions, and therefore, it is important that you wear one from a good and renowned designer. Designers are experienced professionals, and they leave no stone unturned in making you look your best in the gown. From choosing the most classy fabric to detailing it with the most exquisite embroidery, a classy designer gown is all that you need to look classy and graceful on your special day.

4. Finalize a Gown Closest to Your Size:

No gown of a standard size fits you perfectly, and therefore, if you want to have a perfect dress then you should get your dress altered according to your actual size. Choosing a gown too big or small for your body is a big no! However, you should always buy extra fabric for your gown, so that you have all the measures in case of any emergency or discrepancy. You can also select party wear gowns with sleeves to give a more subtle look to your body!

5. Look Out For Colors:

gowns for an evening function
Color plays a major role in selecting a dress. Sometimes, the color might look good in a store, but it might not look that impactful during an event. Therefore, you should look out for different shades of colors that will suit that type of occasion on which you will wear your latest gown design. Color not only enhances your look, but it also enhances your skin tone and makes it look bright and radiant. If you plan on wearing gowns for an evening function, then you should choose shades of colors like red, maroon, black, etc.

6. Go for the Unique Collection:

It is good to go off-beat and choose a gown that is unique from the trending collections. Choosing gowns with unique styles will allow you to reuse them on different occasions. It is hard to repeat occasion-specific gowns on other events, and therefore, it is better to settle for something that is not very trendy. Some of the best long gowns online for you to choose include sweetheart necklines, cap sleeves, a-line design, etc.

7. Select the Right Fabric:

Each fabric has a specific flow on the body, and you should select that kind of fabric that flows smoothly on your body. While some fabrics are rigid and crisp, the others are soft and gently flow on your body. The choice of fabric for your gown should be suitable for your body structure and height. If you are very slim, a fabric clinging to your body will make you look even thinner, and if you are bulky, a crisp fabric will add extra pounds to your look. Therefore, it is important for you to make a wise choice regarding the fabric.

8. Accessorize it:

Accessories enhance the look and feel of the designer gown that you purchase, and therefore, you must select the most suitable accessories to look gorgeous in your designer gown. If your gown is heavy, then you should choose to pair it up with simple and fewer accessories, however, if your gown is very light, then you can pair it up with some heavy accessories.

Glam it up with your stunning Designer Gown!

Every modern-day woman dreams of dressing up in a stunning designer gown on a special occasion, and therefore, it is important to understand the steps to choose the right and ideal designer gown. You may choose to purchase designer evening gowns online or you may physically go to a store for purchasing one, but you must keep the above-mentioned steps in your mind for selecting the perfect gown and flaunting it gracefully in front of all the others!