Churidar Suits
The churidar suit has been a timeless classic in Indian women's wardrobes. The sleek feminine elegance paired with comfort, this ageless outfit is a go-to attire for almost every life event - from daily wear to weddings. The attire offers a wide variety of churidar designs for women who choose comfort and style, from sleek churidar dress to stunning churidar suits with a royal look. Keep reading to know more about the various styles and fashions you can try out for churidar suits in the latest trends and what to keep in mind when going to buy churidar suits online. Kreeva offers the latest churidar designs, from intricate embroidery to zari work for all occasions. It even offers churidar collections for festivities, including ceremonies, sangeets, and weddings, ensuring each woman a look of royal elegance.

History Of The Churidar Salwar

The churidar dress is believed to have its origins in the Mughal empire, wherein the outfit involved a combination of a tunic and loose pants. Churidar or the churidar pajamas refers to tight-fitting trousers worn in South Asia regions. The churidar salwar-kameez was the most famous attire for people from North Indian origin, including Afghanistan and Pakistan. The style was mostly associated with the traditional outfit worn by Pakistani Punjabis and those who migrated from Karachi post-independence. churidar suit design The new trends in churidar have coalesced from this rich history of the attire. The outfit is known to be one of the most common Indian traditional wear and has seen a variety of new styles hitting the market. Churidars are a variant of the well-known salwar pants, with a narrow base and tight yet stretchy fabric. The nature of the churidar pants makes it easier for the wearer to sit with comfort and grace. North India, especially Punjab, embraces the attire passed down from the Turkish Mugal era with a dupatta ensemble known today as one of the many variants of women's churidar dresses.

Tradition With A Modern Twist

The latest churidar collections have expanded their designs to incorporating an Indo-Western outlook on the apparel. A quick look on churidar suits online will confirm the vast expanse of ensemble the age-old attire has taken. Previously constricted to the woven fabric of cotton and wool, the latest churidar suits are now available in a diverse array of materials, including georgette, silk, and soft net, attesting the new trends of globalization. The traditional handicrafts of various regions have been preserved in this timeless fabric with a modern oomph.
Traditional churidar suit
A more in-depth look into the attire and one will find unique color combinations and patterns which are delicately woven into the fabric. Indian churidar suits are a go-to for most Indian women during festivities. A new wave of party wear churidar, versatile to use on occasions of family functions, sangeets, weddings, and even Indian celebrations has seen a boom in the market. A twist in churidar salwar suits with palazzo bottom, varying necklines, floor-length outfits that are lightweight and heat resistant only add to the glory. The real grandeur of these festive outfits comes from the eye-catching and glamorous designs embellished in the make. Look up churidar online, and you would find a plethora of versatile choices including embroidery, resham, zari, moti, sequin, stone, and mirror work intricately into unique patterns and decorations making the wearer look regal.

Comfortable, Yet Trendy To Rock The Eve: Churidars For A Royal Feel!

The basic three-piece garment showcases unique and age-old protected craftsmanship using lace works, umbrella flares, and net-based fabrics giving these churidar suits a beguilingly expensive look. The age-old practices and technological advancement has made the making of these vogue churidar designs more about comfort. Most latest churidar collections will show the development in the use of comfortable and breathable lightweight materials that are heat resistant and cater to different body types.

Variants Of Churidar Suits

A glimpse into the past would tell you that history is repeating itself when it comes to the style and intricate designs into these festive churidar suits. Yet, variants that cater to comfort and mobility have given rise to a set of unique party wear churidar styles, which are just as lustrous as those of the old times' styles. A small guide to the most common and churidar designs is given below for your use.

● Patiala Salwar

Patiala salwar suit
True to its origins in Patiala, Punjab, the Patiala salwar suit was once worn by Punjab royalties. The trademark look of the attire is the intricate, delicate pleats in the salwar which flow from the waist to the ankles. The subtle flow of the fabric, as well as the loose pleats, make it an elegant yet comfortable party wear when paired with dupattas and Kurtis with rich embroidery and handiworks.

● Anarkali Suits

Identified by the floor-length flowing silhouette, the Anarkali suit is an Indian twist to the western gown. Paired often with churidar bottoms, Anarkali suits are known for their richness in handiwork and embroidery designs throughout the suit. The ensemble makes one of the most common and well-known attire of churidar suits for weddings due to its illustrious make.

● Palazzo Salwars

Talking about Indian with a western twist, Palazzo salwar hit the fashion industry with the sleek and elegance it portrayed. The parallel bottoms give room for comfort whilst pairing it with an Indian touch with the suit's beautiful intricate fabric. The look is known for its minimalism and trends in the fashion industry from Bollywood to Vogue.

Wearing The Churidar Attire

Why is the churidar salwar suit so popular among Indian traditional wear for women? The rich, vibrant textile history of India is best reflected in the churidar salwar. Known as a timeless classic, the churidar dress is one of the most favored traditional/Indo western attire when it comes to grand occasions. Variants of the churidar salwar kameez can be found all over India. Apart from the obvious royal elegance the look eludes, the attire is favored by women for various reasons. ➢ Firstly, churidar has a diverse appeal; the clothing item's ability to be mixed and matched with multiple colors and designs makes it one of the main reasons it is loved. One could wear churidar at a festival today and pair it up with a simpler Kurti for office tomorrow. The churidar can be paired with Anarkalis, Kurtis, and even long tops adding a western twist to the Indian apparel. ➢ Secondly, churidar salwar is known for its comfort. Churidar's tight fit at the ankles and the stretchy breathable material gives more comfort and mobility to the wearer even when donning a heavy bodice. The attire flatters feminine beauty in a sophisticated manner, which is only amplified in richly adorned and embroidered suits. ➢ Thirdly, the attire is suitable for all body types. One of the most significant advantages of this classic is the fact that it is flattering on all body shapes and sizes. The variety in styles and cuts, as well as fabrics, gives the wearer a wide range of choices to choose from. While the palazzo salwar complements tall women, churidar salwar fits on all body sizes. The smooth, sleek fit and designs add opulence and grace and elegance to all body shapes.

Perfect Guide For Your Perfect Churidar Suit

Perfect Churidar Suit
Kreeva is one of the best churidar online shopping sites, offering the latest churidar designs for every occasion. When searching for the perfect suit, one must keep in mind these basic rules of churidar dress online shopping. When looking for churidar online, one must select the outfit keeping in mind the occasion. Formal churidar are less embroidered than those explicitly meant for weddings, sangeets, and parties. Opting an intricately embellished Anarkali churidar fits perfectly for occasions of festivities and gives off a vibe of opulence and grandeur to it. While online shopping for churidars can get tricky, look for mentions of breathy comfortable and lightweight fabric. Make a note of the material when choosing your style, for example, opt for vibrant flares, soft net fabric, georgette, and chiffon when looking for an Anarkali churidar and velvet, silk, or tussar when looking for a sleek A-line churidar suit. Make sure to look for churidar suits which complement your style and body shape the most. Similarly, choose wisely between stitched and unstitched churidars, and alter then to fit your body perfectly, accentuating your overall appearance.


Churidar suits have seen a long road from the ancient courts of the Turkish Mughal empire. The intricate tales woven in the fabric makes it one of the most beloved pieces of the traditional fashion world. The knowledge of various works on fabric passed down from generations makes the attire a truly timeless classic. The apparel is most flattering on women and accentuated feminine beauty for all body shapes and sizes. The rich lacy bodice filled with zari, sequin, and resham work makes the attire worthy of royalty. Keep in mind the guide to select your favorite churidar suit and let your inner queen blossom.