Latest and Trendy Eid Dresses
The much-awaited month of Ramadan is here! Though the face of the event has changed, its significance still stays the same. With it comes month-long fasting and festivities filled with peace, love, and delicious food for all the followers of Islam. But let’s not forget the most important part of it – the dressing-up sessions. Get your wardrobe tips and tricks for your best Eid dresses from us. Read on to know more! We are here to help you look your best in the latest Eid salwar kameez designs. Create a look that makes you stand out with a collection of designs that will make you fall in love.

The Significance Of Colours In Picking Out Your Eid Salwar Kameez Suit

best salwar kameez for EID
Colours hold special significance for each religion and each festival. There is a reason why white is worn by brides in western cultures, but in the Indian subcontinent, a bride wearing white may not be on-theme with the vibrant decor. 1. Green Green is a very auspicious colour for Muslims. It represents purity and prosperity. Wearing green Eid dresses while celebrating any Islamic festival is always the safest option. 2. Blue Blue is a colour of eternity, heaven, and spiritual life. It is a shade that looks good on everyone, and adding different hues of blue to your Eid Pakistani dresses will make you stand out! 3. Grey Grey is a neutral shade that looks rich when complemented with stone and bead accessories. A grey-colored Eid special salwar kameez will make you look sophisticated with a hint of glam. 4. Red Red is another rich colour that is a favourite of all ethnic lovers. A new Eid dress in a red hue will give you a rich, classic feel.

What's So Special About The Eid Collection Salwar Kameez Anyway?

Their speciality lies in their variety. Check out a few of them below: 1. Printed Anarkali suits and gowns
Printed suits for this EID
Eid holds great love and significance in the hearts of Muslims everywhere, and it’s no surprise that women want to look their best on this occasion. A printed Anarkali is a go-to outfit for this occasion. Accessorise with simple jhumkas and maang tika and your look is complete! 2. Pakistani suit
Latest Pakistani Suit for EID
Pakistani fashion is much loved for its intricate design and pattern. Eid Pakistani dresses are no different. This is your chance to experiment with different necklines and sleeves to figure out your style statement. Get ready to make an entrance. 3. Shararas
Trendy Sharara Suit for EID
This traditional outfit is back in trend and will always be on our list of Eid special salwar suits. You are set to move in style with a pleated bottom, a long kurti with a matching dupatta. A simple yet elegant sharara with soft hues is a must-have to celebrate Eid in style. 4. Straight cut salwar Eid is falling in the middle of summer, so keep your festive look cool and breezy in a designer Pakistani salwar kameez with a straight cut kurta and a straight cut palazzo. Keep it light, keep it simple and most importantly, keep it summer-friendly. 5. Lehenga suit For those who love to go the extra mile, a lehenga suit is a way to go. Wearing a detailed lehenga-style salwar kameez is the perfect excuse to feel special. It will make you look extraordinary, and you will be receiving compliments all night long. 6. Jacket suit
Latest Jacket Style for EID
A jacket suit consists of Eid collection salwar kameez along with an elegant and offbeat jacket. Since this is a layered look, opt to wear this for a night festivity with a cooler weather condition. Go for an embellished or embroidered jacket to take your outfit up a notch. It is always exciting to dress up in your new Eid dress and enjoy a night of festivities after a long month of fasting. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to begin your search, experiment with fashion, and level up your style statement.

Looking To Go With A Fusion Look? Check Out The Options Below!

1. How about a saree with dhoti pants? What do you get when you mix up two extremely traditional clothing items? A chic, modern look that will make you the talk of the town. Be the centre of attention with a saree draped over a traditional dhoti instead of the basic petticoat.
Latest Salwar Opitons
2. Short kurti with a lehenga Short kurtis have become everyday wear for today’s generation. So, how about adding a modern flair to the traditional lehenga or a saree? Add a little spark to your ensemble with a perfect combination of ethnic and modern elements. 3. Kurti with saree as a lehenga Break the stereotypes and be creative. Convert your favourite saree into a lehenga by tucking in the pleats and throw on your favourite fancy kurti on top.

Next Up, We Have Accessories For Your Eid Collection Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez with best accessories
Accessories are the little tidbits added to create an extra layer of charm to your outfit and turn it into an ensemble. Here is a list of a few ideas to level up your styling game. 1. Statement earrings or chandbalis Chandbalis are the recent “in” thing. They are quintessential jewellery pieces that every woman should have in her accessory drawer. A pair of statement earrings will make your boho-ethnic vibe stand out. 2. Maang tikkas Maang tikkas have also been garnering a lot of attention in recent times, and it is perfect for those who prefer to go for the understated look. Simply pin a maang tikka on your head and use your eyelash glue or double-sided tape to stick the ornate part on your forehead to stop it from moving. 3. Traditional chokers Chokers are the way to accentuate your collar bone and highlight your best features. This is the time to put your pendant and chains on a back seat and get with the trends. 4. Rings A little detail can change the entire outfit, and rings are just those. Add a little spark and glam with statement cocktail rings worn on your dainty fingers to make the entire look illuminate. Accessories can make or break your entire outfit, so be careful while selecting the pieces. The aim is to level up the outfit and not go overboard with it. When it comes to accessorising your Eid dresses, remember less is more. Keep it simple yet classy for the festivities.

Now Let's Talk Make-Up Inspiration For Your Best Eid Dresses in 2022

Last but not least is your make-up. It is the final touch an outfit needs for the woman to feel confident and ready to conquer the world. Since Eid is celebrated during the day, choosing the right kind of make-up is crucial. Going too heavy in terms of make-up will make you sweat a lot and ultimately look dewy and unflattering, whereas going too light will make your make-up look non-existent in the strong natural lights. So what should you do? Here are some tips, tricks, and looks you can go with to make you look stunning for Eid. 1. Dewy makeup with a wing eyeliner This is almost a ‘no make-up’ make-up look with a tiny element of glam. Dewy make-up will make you look fresh throughout the celebration. This look can be achieved with simple blush, some light contouring, and a perfect nude lip shade. 2. Smokey eye This is for a little more glam look and preferably for the night celebration. It is a classic and an ever favourite when it comes to going bold for any celebration. Make your outfit’s colour pop by opting for a smoky eye look and give a little twist to this year’s Eid ensemble. 3. Bold lip Another way of making a statement is to go with a bold lip colour while keeping the base and eyes neutral. Bright shades like red or plum would be the go-to colour for this look. Or, if you want to go that extra mile with your Eid outfit, match it with lipstick that is the same colour as your outfit! Add a little pink blush to give your look a gorgeous finishing touch. Keep your make-up essentials handy throughout the night in case touch-ups are required. Make an entrance and leave them stunned with your beauty.

The Most Fashionable Hairstyle Ideas For Your Eid Dresses in 2022

1. Braids One simple way to manage your hair is to put them in delicate braids and be carefree throughout the night. It is a youthful, flirty look perfect for young adults figuring out the world. 2. Hair buns This will give you a mature yet fashionable look. It will make sure you have a hassle-free night without any hair getting in your way. So, tie up your hair in a classy updo and get ready to indulge in your favourite food with your favourite people. 3. Half and half Can’t decide what to do? Go half and half. Tie up half of your hair in a bun while keeping half of your hair loose and flowy to get the best of both worlds. Eid is an occasion to spend time reflecting and praying. It’s a time to put your priorities in order and spend time with your near and dear ones. But this is also the time to turn your home into a fashion runway and strut with confidence into the world. Did you like our concise list of Eid styling ideas? Are there any styling tips for Eid that are your go-to? Leave us a comment; we’d love to know!