Best Anarkali Dresses Wear in Wedding Ceremony
With the wedding season coming, you must be wondering which dress will best suit you at the ceremony. Well, worry not. We have you all covered. One outfit that can suit any type of occasion is an Anarkali suit. Whether it's the pre-wedding Haldi or Mehndi function, you can always flaunt your beautiful Anarkali suits on such occasions. Anarkali has its history from the golden era of the Mughals. We have revived this helm of the fashion scene in the present era. Shifting from such sands of time, the heritage of ethnic dresses has become a fashion statement for women. With the upper half blossoming with beautiful Kalis and the lower filled with flares, Anarkali dresses have made their place in the wardrobe of every woman. With such exquisite dresses in the market, you must be confused about which one to wear on each pre-day of the wedding. Here is a list of the ten best Anarkali dresses for pre-weddings that will enchant you.

Go Anarkali To This Wedding

Trendy Anarkali Dress
We can't agree more that there is something about these Anarkali suits and their charm, especially during the wedding season. It can suit all occasions, from the Haldi ceremonies to the big wedding day. These floor-length beauties suit every colour, from pastel colours to embellishments. It looks extra classy and versatile. There are various Anarkali online suit options available, each with the latest design and trend.

Decide On The Anarkali Designs Before Buying The Suit

You have to decide not just on the Anarkali suit design but also on the accessories that will go best with them, the footwear, earrings, and much more. If you are thinking of a kind of dress, Anarkali cotton dresses are the best. The sheer ability to combine the traditional looks with modern attires has made it look flamboyant on women. The outfit should be the one that suits your style. Whether a bright shimmery attire or a decent neutral one, the look should take out the best in you. Here is a curated list of anarkali collections that will help you decide on your perfect dress for the wedding.

Latest Designer Anarkali Suits For Wedding

Anarkali Suits For Wedding
Even though every woman looks best in ethnic wear, not all of them want to go with it during the weddings because of the discomfort it brings to them. This is where this Anarkali collection comes into the picture. Bollywood style icons counting Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt have given us these ethnic suit goals by wearing these elegant Anarkali dresses. Not only them but trendy beauties on various social media platforms have shown us how jaw-dropping these suits look on traditional occasions. These latest designer anarkali dresses are selected from the latest trends. Each type of suit is distinct and has its own magic. Have a look at these dresses and decide which will suit you the best for the big day.

1. Short Anarkali Dresses

Short Anarkali dresses are an indo fusion that has a modern international touch. It gives a traditional touch, looking royal and elegant. This modern dress can be best suited for mehndi and cocktail occasions. It is similar to a salwar suit, but the lowered flare gives it away. This high-definition realm of Anarkali suits works in every colour. But particularly, with an exotic rustle of silk and santon, this dress will shine at its best. What truly makes it best for wedding ceremonies is the modern touch with the short upper. It can be styled with a vibrant pair of heels and matching earrings.

2. Slit Style Embroidered Anarkali Suits

Embroidered Anarkali Suits
Slit Style Anarkali suits feature gorgeous floor-length georgette tops with a signature slit in the middle. Its adorned and captivating embroidery work at the neck and sleeves makes it much more royal. Most of the slit-style Anarkali suits come with zari work and thread work to make the slit even more enhancing. The detailing and stone wear gives the suits a majestic look which every wedding ceremony demands. The salwar usually comes with simple pants as the bottom wear. For pre-wedding ceremonies, an elegant chiffon dupatta can completely match the look.

3. Indo Western-Style Suits

The classic indo western Anarkali lehenga suit in georgette silk fabric is one of the enchanting picks for women to wear at wedding events. The suit features digital prints with Resham and Kari thread embroidery detail and boat neck style. To match the look, a pencil heel stilettos and contrasting gold jewellery will work best. The dress itself is a touch modern and ethical. Hence extravagant accessories will be too much to carry.

4. Saree Style Anarkali Dress

Saree Style Anarkali Dress
We all have witnessed the discomfort the saree gives. This is why Anarkali suits with saree style are such a trend. They are easy to carry and work as a blessing for wedding receptions. This mesmerising fusion of saree with Anarkali suits will give you that diva look that will fill your special day with memories. This suit is similar to an Anarkali with a beautifully combined drape. The dress usually carries this tantalising back, which looks like a blouse. Wear it to match a saree's magnificence and a suit's comfort.

5. Jacket Style Anarkali Suit

The jacket-style Anarkali suits give the classy and magnificent look of a fashionista. The graceful suit with a touch of a modern waist-length jacket. The colour of the jacket is usually the same but can also be contrasted with the suit. You can choose the size that you prefer. It can be long till the floor or short within the waist. Both long and short ones give a modern touch to your ethnic suit and enhance the overall look of the suit. The jacket is usually embroidered on the borders. This one-of-a-kind embroidery is a combination of zari and thread work. You can glamorise it with a pair of pencil heels and matching accessories.

6. Lucknowi Embroidered Anarkali Suits.

These suits are usually bridal Anarkali. This luxurious suite looks stunning on brides with often a calming mint green or red colour. The classic Lucknow top is crafted with georgette, and the neckline looks best with a round cut. The best part of the suit is the dupatta. The dupattas are usually hand crafted with the best lace details. This makes it the best fit for brides for their special day. This stunning piece brings the overwhelming look that a bride should have.

7. Front Open Anarkali

Front Open Anarkali Dress
This new trend has made its way through the wardrobes of every woman. This open-front Anarkali gives that classy chic look at the wedding. It can best be categorised as a party Anarkali dress, which is why it will shine at the receptions. This Anarkali dress enhances the upper top and the lower pants. Choosing the right one would make all the difference. Cigarette pants give these suits one of the best looks, while palazzo and skirts can also be dynamic.

8. Contemporary Cotton Anarkali

While everyone looks for something grand, simple cotton Anarkalis can give you that stylish and sleek feel. Even cotton Anarkali suits can pull off a pre-wedding ceremony with the right colour. We all are aware of the benefits a cotton cloth carries. Especially if the wedding takes place in the summer. While everyone will be trapped in those heavy attires, you will be enjoying the summers with your light weighted suit. These days, cotton suits also come with embellished designs and works. The mehndi and sangeet ceremonies require these types of not-so-heavy dresses. This way, you look good without putting much effort into it.

9. Balloon Sleeved Anarkali Dress

The balloon-sleeved Anarkali suits are the best for receptions and engagement ceremonies. This full-length suit has a simple design with voluminous fabric draped to perfection. You have to fit this drape around the bus with balloon sleeves. This is the perfect sought-after dress for those looking to wear something unique for the wedding. This light wear can also be worn in pre-wedding ceremonies that require something easy and light in colour.

10. Gotta Patti Embellished Anarkali Suits

Gotta Patti Embellished Anarkali Suits
Some Anarkali dress designs are so majestic that they look similar to those high price lehengas we see. This ensemble is one of those examples of excellence. This is the perfect attire for the bride-to-be. These gotta Patti embellishments are the refined art style that women love flaunting. These suits are best for reception and nikah ceremonies. It can be matched with golden jewellery and a pair of mojari, allowing you to easily carry the suit.

Bottom Line

Anarkali suits are taking over the wedding attires. From brides to replacing the heavy lehengas, these suits give the comfort of enjoying the long hours of celebration. This wedding wardrobe collection is a mesmerising change that has been incorporated into the array of wedding functions. Daily pointing out the regalness that each Anarkali dress carries, undoubtedly these suits will soon replace the wedding wears completely. Even today, many brides have coveted the Anarkali dresses as a symbol of bridal wear. If you are looking for further options in Anarkali designs, you can find online anarkali suits and that too at affordable prices. They deliver you picked suits at your home with no hassle. Nowadays every shop is entering into e-commerce business which gives us the consumers plenty of options. With such facilities, we get to pick the latest Anarkali suits online. Take your pick and shine!