Different Types of Lehenga Choli
Lehenga choli is the classic wedding attire and not just for the bride. No family function or a festive occasion is ever really complete without this traditional outfit. However, as with many other attires, lehenga, too, has evolved over the years. Be it fusing them with western elements or mixing up two distinct Indian ethnic wear, cholis have changed a lot just like our preferences. When you set out for some lehenga choli online shopping, you will be bombarded with a wide variety of options. However, you may not know how many different types exist and which will suit you best. Well, this blog will help you with this, allowing you to choose the best lehenga choli for you.

Choosing Different Lehenga Types Based On Body Types

While you may be compelled to buy a lehenga saree online based solely on the design, color, or style, it is better not to do so. Instead, use your body type as the metric for your choice. This is because each body shape has its own set proportions, and only certain silhouettes will look good for them. Choosing clothing based on your body type allows you to find clothes that fit you better and accentuate the natural features of your body. Therefore, when you buy lehenga cholis based on body type instead of trends, you will have a choli that will always flatter you on every occasion.

Ten Different Lehenga Skirt Styles You Need To Know

When it comes to choosing among the latest lehenga choli, women have many options in terms of materials, styles, patterns, and designs. They can go for either flared skirts or the mermaid look. Alternatively, they choose net or heavily embroidered material for their lehenga. Regardless of the availability of such variety, not many know the different lehenga types. Here are ten lehenga styles every woman should know about:

● The Quintessential A-Line

A-line lehenga choli
Anyone who has attended an Indian wedding must have seen women wearing beautiful A-line designer lehenga. This was a famous style back in the 70s and 80s but made a vicious comeback recently, becoming everyone's go-to lehenga style. The reason for its raging popularity is how it can give a traditional look but be modern at the same time, hence making it a versatile option for women across generations and ages. The A-line lehenga choli cinches your waist, creating the illusion of a smaller waistline as it flares towards the bottom. Therefore, it is perfect for women with hourglass and pear-shaped body types. However, tall women, too, can pull this lehenga off perfectly. Apple shapes and rectangular body types should avoid A-line lehengas.

● The Classic Gher

A simple lehenga with broad flares is as classical as it gets. If you love volume and pleats, this skirt with a circular hemline is perfect for you. When you twirl around, they form a complete and perfect circle, which is why flowy materials are a better choice for this type of lehenga. This is one of the conventional styles of lehenga choli and can take up an ethnic or stylish look, depending on the material, colors, and designs used. Lehenga with broad skirts is better suited for women with hourglass, apple, pear, and rectangular body types. Those with slimmer waists should not opt for this style.

● The Mermaid Look

mermaid lehenga suit
The mermaid lehenga suit is the contemporary twist to the traditional design. Also known as the fishtail lehenga, these skirts hug your waist and hips. Therefore, a bodysuit is recommended when wearing this design. If you're looking for a lehenga that accentuates and flatters your curves, the mermaid lehenga should be your first choice. However, this classy and stylish look is not for all types of body shapes. Women with hourglass, rectangular and athletic body types can pull the mermaid look perfectly. Those with other body shapes should stay away from such lehenga styles to avoid making your hips the center of the attention.

● The Straight-Cut Magic

One of the most popular and common lehenga choli designs is the straight-cut skirt. They are versatile in nature and can look good on women of all shapes and sizes. These are ideal for those who don't like fluff, pleats, or flares. One of the best ways to style this lehenga type is by pairing it with blouses of a crop top or shorter varieties. Since they fall over the curves, straight-cut lehenga skirt styles are perfect for almost all body types. However, they look exceptionally well over the hourglass, apple, and rectangular shapes and not so much for women with too thin a frame or pear-shaped figures.

● The Sharara Twist

Sharara Twist
Shararas don't exactly fit into the category of Indian lehenga types because they are stitched from the middle of the hem, just like a palazzo pant. However, shararas have broad flares that make them seem like a lehenga skirt. You can wear these with different types of Kurtis. One of the best ways to bring out the beauty is by pairing it with a low-flared Anarkali top or long Kurtis. The best part about sharara lehenga choli is that it suits almost all body types. However, those with thinner legs and too petite a frame will not find this lehenga type flattering to wear.

● The Kalidar Elegance

Kalidar or paneled lehenga design patterns share similarities with an Anarkali suit. Both have several vertical panels, or Kalis stitched together. In the case of the lehenga, however, these panels can have beautiful motifs and designs, aside from being plain. Together, the Kalis create a vast volume in the skirt, especially at the hemline. Shorter varieties of blouse go really well with this fancy lehenga choli. Women with apple, straight or rectangular, and skinny body types should not choose this pattern. However, those with petite, pear, and hourglass shapes will find this lehenga type flattering.

● The Saree Illusion

This one is one of the latest choli designs inspired by the South Indian half-saree or davani. Lately, this style has been gaining popularity among women trying to add a twist to the traditional lehenga. In this contemporary look, the skirt could be a low flare A-line with minimal work. The dupattas usually stand out in this outfit. One of the best things about lehenga saree is that you don't have to buy a new one. With some innovation and a classy dupatta, you can give a new life to your lehenga choli. Since this is a fuller outfit, petite women will seem more petite. However, those with hourglass, apple, pear, and tall body types will look amazing in this lehenga style.

● The Jacket Work

Lehenga Jacket Work
This new model lehenga is easy to carry and manage. Since the jacket replaces the dupatta, there is no worry about pinning up or holding dupattas. Instead, women can be breezy when wearing their jackets, lehenga suits. Moreover, the jackets don't make the outfit look over the top or clumsy. Most jacket lehenga choli online has a flared design with heavy zardozi or lacework. However, the overall outcome of this outfit changes with the type of jacket you choose. The jacket is not suitable for petite or pear-shaped women but suits hourglass, inverted triangle, apple, and tall body structures.

● The Layered Statement

Ruffled lehenga skirt is technically not a type, but instead, it is a style of cholis. However, the latest lehenga collections have made these a style statement and a popular choice among women. With ruffles and layers all over the skirt, they are an individual lehenga type. This is perfect for those who want a contemporary twist to their lehenga cholis. With all the frills, they are still lightweight, and you don't have to worry about heavy embroidery or embellishments at all. However, due to the fluffy quality of the skirt, they are suitable for curvy women. Instead, it is a good fit for those with an inverted triangle and rectangular-shaped bodies.

● The Mesh Richness

Like the ruffled lehenga, net or mesh skirts are among the latest lehenga styles, becoming popular among women due to its light and airy nature. They are also versatile and are available in a wide variety of prints or patterns, including floral and embroidery. Since they look fluffy, mesh lehenga is not suitable for women on the curvier side because they will look fluffier. Moreover, it will not be as flattering as it would be on slimmer women or those with a smaller waistline. Any function or special occasion is incomplete without women wearing beautiful lehenga cholis. They are bright and bold and accentuate the feminine beauty, all the while screaming traditional beauty. Women have so many different options when it comes to lehenga choli online shopping. One such place is Kreeva, an online store when women can find a wide variety of ethnic wear that flatters their sense of style and body type. Choosing lehenga cholis based on body type can ensure that you look your very best at every occasion and have heads turn as you walk into a room. Rule the festive season with beautiful cholis!