Stylish Anarkali Suits For Wedding
Anarkali suits are the epitome of elegance. Eyes follow you as you walk into a room with this flowy dress. It symbolizes sophistication and grace. This piece of art could be worn for various occasions; today, let’s talk about weddings. Anarkali suits for wedding is a go-to fashion choice for almost everyone, be it the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, friends, children and on some occasions the bride herself! And we will all agree with the fact that selecting stylish Anarkali suits for wedding is an activity we all look forward to! These Royal dresses create an impression that lasts for a lifetime. Anarkalis for wedding parties has a wide range of options. They tickle your fancy by giving you your desired look.

Become The Centre Of Attraction With Anarkali Suits For Weddings

Anarkali suits never go out of fashion when we talk about weddings as an occasion. Giving you a regal look, these dresses have evolved over the years, giving you different patterns and designs. And if you are planning to do your wedding Anarkali suits online shopping, you should definitely check out Kreeva’s website as they provide you with the latest designer fashion which will please your soul and liking.

What To Consider While Selecting Stylish Anarkali Suits

Before moving further, we need to know the roots of this fashion attire. Anarkali suits were first known to be popular amongst women of the Middle East, then graduating to the Indian Subcontinent. These attires flourished during the Mughal Rule, and this timeless costume manages to dazzle the eyes of the people even now. Traditionally known for its floor-length pleated suit with a tight salwar-now called leggings, this attire has evolved over the centuries in many ways, but the basic foundation remains the same.

1. Fabric

different fabrics
This beautiful garment is made from different fabrics to suit different occasions. Anarkali suits are made up of silk, satin, cotton, georgette, and even net. Heavy Anarkali suits for wedding wear are usually made of silk with glitter borders. They are heavily pleated, with the focus on the upper torso where most of the embroidery work is done. Though fashion has been revolutionized with cotton fabricated Anarkalis coming into the limelight, The Royal appearance for Indian bridal Anarkali suits always comes from the intricate design of the embroidery on the silk or satin fabric.

2. Types Of Anarkali Suits

Designer Anarkali Suits are glamorous suits specially crafted with heavy work and design suited best for wedding wear. These heavy Anarkali suits for weddings come in various styles, and some popular ones are the Anarkali gowns which ooze grace by coming in various forms highlighted by laces and sequins. Asymmetrical Anarkali Suits are the contemporary twist to this garment and are loved by Fashionista models as they flaunt this chic look in style. A-line- Anarkali suits are ceremonious in their appearance as they bring you into the limelight by giving you the ancient regal look. A lot of bridal Anarkali dresses are this type as Brides love the conventional element to their garments. Jacket Anarkali suits are rising in the fashion industry as this versatile garment can be worn on Kurtis to give a trendy look. Slit jackets make your attire more stylish and classy and are famous amongst a lot of teenagers.

3. Accessorising

You can accessorize these Anarkali suits by using statement jewelry like oxidized jhumkas for an ethnic look or pearl earrings for a sophisticated look. You can even wear a nathni or a nose ring to accompany this style. Depending on the shape of your neck and the cut of the Anarkali, you could either pair this beautiful garment with a choker or pearl drops or even a statement next piece if it accompanies the embroidery work. You can wear high heels-maybe be stilettos or pumps to enhance your long legs and the fall of the Anarkali. These little add-ons make your Anarkali suit for a wedding party jaw-dropping.

4. Bridal Anarkali Suit

brides rock
Bridal Anarkali suits come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. Some brides need to follow the custom and hence the Anarkali dress for marriage is designed in a specific way. Some new-aged brides are breaking stereotypes and creating their own fashion statement by experimenting with various styles and colors. Whatever it be, brides rock this look and look stunning more than ever in a bridal Anarkali.

5. Creating A Masterpiece

Bridal Anarkali captures the essence of Indian culture and tradition as there is a beautiful amalgamation of ancient artwork and practices to render this garment. The zardozi and dabka work originating from Persian and Rajput dynasties respectively are carved by the artists who preserve the Indian heritage and give it a new identity in these beautiful bridal Anarkalis. Bridal Anarkalis are usually in bright Red or magenta colors though now they vary according to the bride’s preference. With the rich fabrics and designs, it is impossible to take your eyes off the bride as she walks down the aisle.

6. White Bridal Anarkali

White bridal Anarkali suit
White bridal Anarkali suit symbolizes innocence and poise. With evolving trends, white Anarkali with golden zari or embroidery borders are the new talk in the town. Their flowy nature is enhanced by this calming color, and the golden work gives it a royal look. Usually plain white Anarkalis are then enhanced with net designs to give it a semi-modern gown look. These white bridal Anarkali suits are accompanied by a stole or dupatta to complete the look.

7. Anarkali Suits Are Versatile

Anarkali suits have a wide range of variety where comfort, elegance, poise, and celebration are given equal importance. Wedding Anarkali Suit online covers all these aspects as they provide different staples and statements to choose from. The number of pleats, length of the suit, flow of the suit, and neck cut can be selected according to your preference. Even their price ranges accordingly. Nevertheless, this garment is suited for various occasions as a touch of glamour, and grandeur is always attached to it. It's the favorite pick for women be it cocktail parties, sangeet, haldi, or the wedding day.

8. Easy To Wear And Manage

Easy To Wear
We can all agree that the hassle we face right before the wedding nuptials as we try and pleat our sarees or adjust our blouse and pallus shoots up our anxiety levels. Anarkali, on the other hand, is very easy to manage as it is breathable, comfortable, and one does not need to constantly keep on checking the attire to avoid embarrassment. This is also one of the reasons why wedding Anarkali suits online are in high demand. Apart from weddings, this piece of clothing is also a preferred choice for a lot of working women as they have their hands free and also can easily move without bothering about the ends.

9. Catered For Every Body Type

This is one of the best highlights of this garment. While other wedding attires like lehengas and saris might make some women conscious about their bodies, Anarkalis helps women enhance their looks and curves in a very comfortable way. You can rock this look with or without heels and still manage to look sassy.

10. Online Fashion Game

These days most of our shopping spree has gone online. Wedding shopping requires a lot of time and investment as one needs to choose the right attire for the numerous occasions in an Indian wedding. And the go-to garment choice for most women is Anarkali suits. Knowing this, the virtual fashion industry has come up with various designs and choices that will please the customer. These stores, with the help of technology, give you a virtual dressing session with the garment so you can select your attire accordingly. They also have a return policy as these designers' Anarkali dresses might cost a fortune. They also have exciting offers to please the customers, especially during the peak wedding season. These wedding Anarkali suits online, are catered to the customer's liking, and thus there has been an exponential rise in the selling of these Anarkalis. The stylish collection of wedding Anarkali suits provides you with a wide range of options to choose from. It highlights the essence of bridal wear along with Anarkalis for various occasions. The patterns, textures, and colors are accordingly molded to give you a perfect look for that ceremony making you the center of attraction. It comes in different sizes and lengths, thus is crafted for various seasons too.

11. Wedding Seasons

monsoon wedding
Have a monsoon wedding? Opt for shorter Anarkalis with bright pastels to accompany the seasonal look. Winter evening weddings call for a dark full-length Anarkali suits that can be accompanied by a rich stole or shawl to give you a regal look. Spring weddings are usually accompanied by comfortable clothing with light-colored cotton Anarkalis to avoid skin irritation due to sweat and heat.


Let's face it, weddings can be stressful - caterers not being on time, last-minute checks, numerous occasions, a lot of faces to remember, dance preparation for sangeet, but it definitely is the most beautiful day in the life of the bride. And to make it more special, Kreeva gives you the gift of beautiful attire that becomes so much more elegant and special when worn by you. Their bridal Anarkali suit collection is cherished by so many customers as they keep various aspects in mind before releasing their collection. It definitely is a one-stop-shop for all your fashion wedding needs.