Tips For Wearing A Saree In A Right Way
A saree is not just a garment to make one appreciate their culture more but, is an heirloom bequeathed through generations. Sarees evoke a feeling of nostalgia and beautiful emotions, associating with a particular life event. In other words, a saree is intensely connected to one's consciousness and identity. Undoubtedly, saree is the most versatile clothing item in your closet, which has evolved to become stitched with a plethora of fabrics. Although it has the appearance of being challenging to adorn and manage, millions of Indian women wear it regularly. The single unstitched piece of cloth evolved due to ancient Hindu belief that stitching cloth made it impure. Indian Goddesses are portrayed to be adorned with silk sarees. On several holy occasions, sarees are considered as sacrificial offerings.
silk saree
You don't need to be a South Indian to wear a Kanjeevaram saree or a Banarasi to rock that designer Banarasi saree look. Millions of women view saree as an egalitarian garment. Moreover, the saree-weaving industry comprises a sizable portion of the handloom and embroidery sector in the country. As per the 2016's annual report of the Textile Ministry, there are currently 11 million people employed in the saree-weaving industry.

How To Style A Saree?

Did you know there are over hundreds of different ways to drape a saree? And not all of these ways are difficult and monotonous. Read this Kreeva article to learn ten contemporary tips for wearing a saree in the right way to unleash your inner goddess!

1. Choose A Contrasting Blouse And Petticoat

Did you know that you can actually wear a saree without a blouse and a petticoat? During the Victorian Era or the British Raj, a bare chest was considered immodest and improper; this led to the stitching of blouses and petticoats for the Indian women. Even now, in the regional areas, women prefer wearing a saree without an underskirt or a complimentary shirt. saree with blouse In this contemporary world, most females like to pair the saree with a blouse and a petticoat. A perfectly fitting petticoat and a flattering blouse that contrasts with your saree enhance the overall look. A loose blouse and petticoat might make you feel uncomfortable and look hideous. It is indispensable to choose the right fabric and style of your petticoat to make your saree stand out magnificently. Always ensure that you can move your arms freely while wearing the blouse. Likewise, you can walk comfortably while wearing the petticoat.

2. The Correct Fabric Is Comfortable Fabric

Comfortable Fabric  Saree
Yes, choosing a suitable saree cloth will make you feel more comfortable and confident. While wearing a chiffon saree might fulfill your Bollywood diva dream, but may also lead to skin irritation. It is rightly said that handloom sarees such as Kancheepuram, Banarasi, Tussar, Kashida, Akho Garo, Resham, Jari, Ikkat, Sambalpuri, Maheshwari, Patola, Bhadhini, Munga, South Indian silks, Kalamkaris are the crown jewel of Indian ethnic wear. Natural fabrics like silk and cotton, though expensive, will not only be one of the best investments but will make you feel comfy. If feasible, you must always dry-clean your sarees for a longer shelf-life.

3. Dazzling Sari Drapes

A saree has been draped in diverse styles over the ages. There are regional modifications, as well as drape styles that respond to equally diverse occupational requirements. The most common is to have a set of folds at the front and draping the end over the shoulder. Are you too bored with the traditional saree wearing styles? Do you wish to experiment a little to make them look a bit contemporary? Well, there are varieties of saree wearing techniques. Be it Belt style, Dhoti style, Mumtaz style, Pant style, Butterfly style, or Lehenga style - saree draping styles keep evolving. Finding the correct draping style which flatters your body figure is a must.

4. Heels, Please!

"High heels are uncomfortable!" We have all heard this remark multiple times but are wearing high heels that painful? The answer is, no. It is imperative to pick the right pair of high heels for your feet. Picking the right fit and heel height will make you look sophisticated yet chic. Platforms, wedges, and boots should never be considered while wearing a saree. Fashion bloggers advise you to show not more than one inch of the heel. Moreover, put on your heels before draping the saree. While experimenting with different saree styles wear, try the same with heels too. The sound of your heels clicking and clacking on the floor as you walk may make you seem more self-assured.

5. Jaded Jewelry

Like sarees, jewelry is also a symbol of heritage, power, and expression. It highlights your personality and makes you feel beautiful and chic. That stylish saree of yours needs to steal the show, not the accessories. It will make you the center of everybody's attention; and trust me, you would not like it. Wearing multiple pieces of jewelry will ruin a perfect outfit. Over-adorning, the look with heavy ornaments, will provide a non-graceful and shabby appearance. Minimal jewelry, danglers, pearls, and statement pieces (like kamar bandh and belts) will give a put-together appearance. Any outfit is never complete without choosing the right accessories, so select wisely! Head to Kreeva's official web portal to garner more information on this topic.

6. Pins To The Rescue!

It certainly is true that overusing safety pins may ruin your expensive saree, and often make the garment rigid. But if you aren't adept at handling or draping a saree in the most effortless way, you need to pin it up. As if a simple saree draping and varieties of saree wearing methods weren't enough, the art of carefully hiding the pins can be arduous too. One may either look like the personification of a pincushion or the example of the saying, "Yeah, I don't know what is happening either." An appropriate size of pins that shall not protrude through the saree is a compulsion. In addition to that, refrain from using multiple safety pins. Special attention needs to be taken while wearing an artificial fabric garment.

7. Pallu Position

saree with pallu The style of pallu drape needs to be in consideration with your height. An extremely short or high pallu will rob the essence from your saree. The pallu length needs to be adequate. Although divas are least bothered with their hanging pallus, their weight might lead to a downfall; both metaphorically and in reality. Mismatching the pallu style is also inadvisable. Your saree's pallu should also never wholly cover the blouse. While wearing a net or a georgette or chiffon saree, remember to never pin-up the pallu. These artificial fabrics are flowy, and it will make no sense whatsoever if you try to pleat them.

8. Saree Ke Fall Sa...

Are you too obsessed with this song? And do you wish someone would fall for your saree, too? Well, first, you need to love yourself and comprehend the importance of a saree's border. Usually, a saree's fall is % inches broad and 3 meters long and is sewed to the hem of a saree. It is meant for covering the initial drape and pleats area. Fall is attached from the opposite side of the saree and remains invisible from the outside. It makes the garment stiffer and ensures easier pleating.

9. The Art Of Tucking

Always drape the saree at a decent height around your waist. Before tucking the pleats below your navel, it is crucial to ensure that the crease's bottom is leveled. Even if you are blessed with a flat belly, make sure you tuck don't tuck the saree too low as this also will give a shabby appearance. Tucking the Indian saree in the right position and a neat manner is perfect!

10. Life Is Not A Party

Yes, you read the subheading correct, and you need to accept it with a grain of salt. This subheading also applies to saree wearing styles for parties. A stylish saree wearing attire does not fit for all the occasions. It might look a bit extra and uncalled for if you dress up like a bride for a Sunday brunch. Flamboyant and ostentatiously designed sarees and accessories are not meant for everyday events. Heavy jewelry, garments, and make-up are not good for your skin too. Our rich country has a treasure chest full of unique and flattering saree wearing varieties that inspire people across the globe. They are evergreen and timeless and seamlessly gorgeous. Over the past decades, the fashion industry has innovated various saree wearing styles that are suitable for numerous occasions. Even in this period of globalization, women opt for multiple saree wearing methods for dressing up. The saree's patterns and colors highlight heritage, virtues, and the region from the area of origin. Women preserve their exclusive sarees as a household heirloom and later hand these down to their daughters and the succeeding generations.