10 Inspiring Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli Designs to Invigorate Your Wedding Day
The wedding season is here, and aren’t we hearing the wedding bells? It means brides-to-be would be on their non-stop hunt to get the designer lehenga. Any occasion cannot surpass South or North, the luxury and glamour of an Indian. And as a bride, we know that the top of their Wishlist is to get the breathtaking designer bridal lehenga, which they might have envisaged dolled up for their special day. Are you tying your knot soon? Then you need to plan your wedding wardrobe perfectly, which would be your greatest style companion. We know lehengas are timeless classic attire for any era, but they should be styled to match the perfection to get your spectacular look. So don’t forget to bookmark this article and come back when you need inspiration.
Best Designer For Bridal Lehengas

Tips For Choosing The Best Designer For Bridal Lehengas

Looking for their dream wedding designer bridal lehenga is both an exhausting and exciting task for the brides. Fortunately, it is no longer a nightmare, thanks to the designers coming up with new trends and amazing designs in bridal lehengas. Some new fabrics are brewing suits for all, whether you are old school brides who like to go with a traditional or bold modern diva who opts to try contemporary cuts.
  • Know your Body Type

Random lehengas are not an ideal option for every bride. Before deciding THE one, you need to consider your body type and shape. Despite the expensiveness, if it doesn’t suit your body shape, you can't flaunt it on your fairytale day.
  • Plan on the Colours

While selecting your dream lehenga, choosing colours is one of the critical aspects., where you have countless options. You can either go for red or golden or get some trendy ones to complement your skin tone.

10 Types of Stunning Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli for your Special Day

Are you tired of searching from all the boutiques and wedding stores? Then, you have landed in the right place. Here, we have rounded up the best wedding designer bridal lehengas, from the vintage designs to trendy styles of 2022 that will suit your taste and shape. Get set, and scroll on!

1. Craft an Alluring Look with A-Line Lehenga

A-Line Lehenga
Are you one of the experimentalist brides who like to cord between traditionalism and contemporary style? Then A-Line lehenga could be on your champion list, which won’t disappoint you. This outfit is designed with exquisite details and will add a cheer to your D-day. As the name says, this latest designer bridal lehenga has a skirt that goes A-line, creating an elegant appearance and minimalistic flair for a fashionable bride. Infused with vintage and unique style, A-line lehengas are adorned with exemplary design and are extremely popular among the brides of today’s era.

2. Slay Effortlessly with Straight Cut Lehenga

Straight Cut Lehenga is one of the most preferred new designer bridal lehenga, best suitable for brides who want to nail their styles with the vintage look. Ever since it came to the stage, we can’t stop ogling over its ‘oh so new’ design. With intricate designs all over, the lehenga falls parallel to your legs and straight from the waist to the hemline with slits on the sides, giving a graceful and enhanced look for all body types and worth your money.

3. Be an Ever Adorable Stunner Bride with Circular Lehenga

A Circular Lehenga is a huge hit in the wedding season, and it has always been for the past years. This designer's heavy bridal lehenga’s beautiful broad flare and great volume will surely make you instantly fall in love with it. From its numerous & neatly made pleats near your waist to the smooth and silky flow of the fabric, the Circular lehenga will definitely get you the best look on your big day and make you stand out when you style it right.

4. Get Majestic and Modern with Ruffled Lehenga

Are you searching for the eclectic-toned lehenga that will give a complete wedding experience? Go for Ruffle or Frill lehenga, a perfect pick to add extra charm and take your fashion game a notch above.
Ruffled Lehenga Choli
This modest yet elegant lehenga will surely grab the attention of everyone by giving you an enhanced look without going over the limit. It could be a great option for you, especially if you plan to do a dramatic ‘slow-motion’ twirl to your heart’s content before making it to the stage.

5. Nail your New look with Net Lehengas

With their lightweight and gorgeous design, Net lehengas are one of the trendiest options that you can opt for to enhance your bridal look. Since this designer bridal lehenga is known for its elegance and exquisite appearance, it will add the much-needed glamour, making it an excellent outfit choice for the bride’s ensembles. The soothing fabric is full of elegance and interesting details, and the lehengas make up the ‘outstanding list’ of brides. Net lehengas will give you a universally flattering luxurious sheen and regal theme from minimalist to heavy work.

6. Steal your limelight with Panel Length or Flared Lehenga

Don’t have an hourglass body shape? Never think you can flaunt yourself on your wedding day – especially when you have the premium Panel Length or Flared Lehenga. This designer wedding bridal lehenga is for those who want to look feminine, alluring, and over-the-top by working to your advantage. The numerous panels stitched together will create just the adequate amount of flare and get you a perfect slimming silhouette effect with its varied print and colour. If experimenting is your daily mantra, get this beautiful ensemble of glam. Grace and elegance.

7. Steal hearts and Turn Heads with Printed Lehengas

Not everyone wants a big-fat Indian wedding and doesn’t want a heavy, expensive lehenga. Isn’t it? Are you one of those minimalistic brides who want to have a low-key wedding? Then make it super-special as the big one with Printed Lehengas. Trust us, with its top-notch bridal lehenga blouse design, and there will be no compromise on your style.
Printed Lehengas
Either fully or semi-printed, it will fit your intimate wedding dress code with the vibrant colour choice and help you strike the perfect balance between effortless and elegance. It should be your ‘go-choice’ if you have the desire to experiment with something ‘classy’.

8. Indulge in Awe-Inspiring Moment with Lehenga Sarees

We never get exhausted from rooting for the ever-raging traditional wedding attires. But What if two classic traditional ones come together? We can assure you that the resulting cut will be a super hit! This trendy hybrid lehenga model has its own reputation among brides who want to be unique. Lehenga Sarees are one of the most famous wedding bridal lehenga designs of the era due to their trend-cutting and traditional style. Redefine your wedding season with her delicate and graceful lehengas and their intricate work, making it rich and traditional.

9. Go Beyond the Realm with Mermaid Lehenga

Ever dreamt of being dressed up as a Mermaid? Will there be any better chances for you to fulfil your dream rather than on your fairytale day? Opt for Mermail or Fish cut lehenga to take a contemporary spin with a classic traditional bride look. The skirt of this trendy bridal lehenga is designed with a lot of pleats around your waist and will make you look extremely astonishing. The cut of the lehenga will greatly accentuate your curves like no other and fits snugly till your knees, which flare your look gracefully.

10. Make a Magnificent Flare with Jacket Lehengas

Jacket Lehengas
Are you fond of winter weddings rather than summer ones? There’s nothing better than to make your move with Jacket Lehengas. The Jacket Lehengas are the innovative wedding dress option among the millennial brides, typically including a blouse, a ghagra, and a long tailored jacket. They are designed with quintessential artistry and techniques, keeping in mind today’s modern brides. The new age lehengas are quite a hit among people since it allows you to skip the dupatta and even can be customized as per your needs, doesn't that sound amazing?

Final Thoughts

Bridal Lehenga is one of the most attention grabbing Weddings in India - Wikipedia. With all eyes on the bride, you would want to look nothing less than perfect and unforgettable. You must, therefore, choose the perfect and best designer bridal lehenga that not only looks ravishing, but also makes you feel comfortable, as you'll be carrying it for long hours. However, remember that nothing can enhance your beauty rather than your trust in your beauty. Kreeva brings you the finest designers and amazing designer bridal lehengas online at your fingertips that will bring out your feminine grace. We offer thousands of wedding outfits in our gallery, ranging from elegant to fashionable types. Our ultimate goal is to help the brides to plan for their special day perfectly, either in glamorous red colour or glittering gold, by buying their dream lehenga or customizing the existing one as per their convenience.