Lehenga Blouse Designs For Every Occasion 2021
There are a wide variety of trendy lehenga blouse designs available in every colour, every shape, every fabric, just about every idea possible online. The designs are overflowing, and so we wonder which design to choose. How do you select the design that suits you best?
Latest Lehenga Blouse Designs
There are many factors to consider, such as body type, fabric, colour, occasion, weather and people you might interact with while buying or getting a lehenga blouse. Make an informed decision so that you can enjoy your clothes for a long time. You might like something on paper, but then it might not look good with your lehenga. But, you might wonder whether you can interchange lehenga blouses with sarees. And then the most important question still stands, what about the occasion? Read on to know the art of selecting the best and latest lehenga blouse designs in 2021 for every occasion.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Lehenga Blouse Design?

Honestly, when it comes to weddings, nothing you wear can go wrong. The joy and festivities are contagious, and the photographer will capture you even if you wear jeans and a t-shirt. But when it comes to wedding functions, dressing up is half the fun. We go shopping, look for different lehengas for every event that we might never wear again. However, that is exactly why you must get the best lehenga blouse design because while the lehenga might get locked away, the blouse certainly won’t. Here are some lehenga blouse designs you might try.

1. Heavy work and embroidery

Heavy work and embroidery
Weddings and receptions are grand and lavish affairs. So while selecting your bridal lehenga blouse designs, heavy work and hand embroidery is the way to go to make you feel like a princess.

2. Floral

Floral sets, preferably in light colours or pastels, are the best idea if you’re attending a daytime wedding or reception. They are light, easy on the eyes and still make you look radiant and graceful.

3. Mirrors

Mirror blouse
Mirrors are up and coming in the list of stylish and trendy lehenga blouse designs. Especially during nighttime events, they look dazzling and eye-catching. Hop on the train for mirror embedded blouse designs for getting a chic look this wedding season.

4. Ruffled sleeves

Ruffled sleeves have a tendency to make you look larger than life itself. They have a very happy vibe to them, and there is no doubt you would love dancing with them.

Stylish Lehenga Blouse For Formal Functions

When it comes to official and formal functions, there would be options that can be on either side of the appropriate- inappropriate line. Try the below-mentioned blouse designs to give a decent look at formal functions.

● Collars

The best way to go with formal functions is collar blouses. If your tailor is not experienced, you can very easily find ready-made versions if you look for a “ collared lehenga blouse online”. They give you a confident and professional look while also keeping in touch with your feminine side.

● Full Sleeves

Full sleeves ooze out power and authority, and so if you’re at a dinner or Diwali party with your colleagues and subordinates, full sleeves are the way to look like a boss.

● Full Sleeves And Collar

This is the most elegant lehenga blouse design you can wear as a power move. Charm your clients and co-workers at parties while looking absolutely elegant. The best thing about this lehenga with a long blouse design will be that you can re-use it and wear it with sarees as well.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Semi-Formal Functions, Festivals And Poojas

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Functions
The ever-ready black and golden, while black blouses look amazing in net, golden looks amazing in glitter and silk. These are two blouse design choices that will undoubtedly make you look elegant. They can be the word with sarees, Lehengas and sometimes just on top of jeans.

● High Neck / Halter Neck

This is another sought-after design for blouses. It is popular among all age groups, and there Is a particularly popular trend of wearing a halter neck blouse with palazzos.

● Embroidery On Net Or Sheer

Embroidery designs on the net are also sometimes referred to as an invisible blouse design. These designs are particularly popular with ¾ length sleeves. They work well at night as well as in the daytime. The best part about this design is that it looks good with almost all kinds of lehengas, and due to it being half-transparent, you can also mix and match the colours.

● Cold Shoulder

This evergreen design works well with almost all colours, body types, occasions, and fabrics. It is also a preferred style in summer as it stays a little lightweight and helps keep cool.

● Banarasi

Banarasi, also known as brocade, is considered to be a pretty modest blouse design. It is often converted into tops nowadays. These are popular in older women and young girls hoping to find something sophisticated while also not having to expose too much skin. This is an excellent choice for school and college functions. Similarly also in daytime family functions and poojas.

● Simple Cotton And Velvet

Blouses made out of simple cotton and velvet are the easiest and most understated patterns, which, while making you look tasteful, also keep your look simple and, most importantly, comfortable. They are also easy to make so that it won’t take a lot of effort or money on your part or the tailors. They work with almost all styles, full sleeves, half sleeves, backless, sleeveless and almost all others.

Stylish, Wide Neck Blouse Designs For Parties

Wide Neck Blouse Designs For Parties
Be ready to flaunt with wide neck blouse designs for parties. Here are some exceptional designs to look for.

1. One Shoulder And Choker Styles

This is a design originally picked up from western tops. It has picked up a lot of popularity in the last couple of years with the rise of hybrid fashion, which basically mixes western with Indian to create newer and more exciting options.

2. Tulle

Tulle dresses were originally showcased in award functions and were soon adapted into blouses. They give you a dapper look at all times of the day while remaining elegant. They’re big and take up space; they make your presence known.

3. Crop Tops

Even though blouses are made in crop top styles nowadays, originally, they weren’t. This style came up with the mix and matched the culture. You get to replace the blouse with crop tops you already have or replace those you already have with new crop style blouses which can be used for almost every purpose. They go along well with sarees, lehengas, jeans, palazzos, shorts, short skirts and long skirts.

4. Off-Shoulder And Sleeveless

This is a favourite for people with defined collarbones. While not that popular yet, it is gaining momentum. It is quite known in Bollywood circles and is particularly favoured for nighttime parties. Like a lot of others mentioned above, this can also be used for different purposes.

5. Racerback

Racerbacks are very common in bra design and are now being taken into lehenga blouse designs. They help show off your back and highlight the hairstyle you spent so long on. It is well-liked by youngsters because it is just modest enough and still looks smart and stylish.

6. Bikini Backs

This is a film industry favoured design. While a lot of people might be reluctant to wear such a pattern, those who do turn heads everywhere they go. These types are best for night parties and look amazing with transparent chunnis. They might highlight your body to an extent; however, the focus will all be on your shoulders and collar bones.

7. Thin Strap With Deep Neck

This is a must-have blouse design for almost every occasion. It is popular with choli blouse designs and with sarees. You can buy them in a couple of colours and fabrics and keep them on standby. They go well with almost everything and every kind of lehenga. Some innovative blouse and lehenga ideas
  • Upcycled sarees- Old sarees can be stitched to make wonderful lehengas.
  • Kurtas- Kurtas can be used as it is or can be cut to make blouses.
  • Official shirts- Western office button-up shirts can also be used as a stylish blouse idea.
  • Dupattas and scarves – For smaller people, sometimes dupattas and scarves can be stitched up or tied to create make-shift blouses
  • Crop tops and tank tops – These are also modern tops that can be tied up or worn just on top of lehengas.

Get Stunning Lehenga Blouse Designs Online

Blouse designs are very important because, unlike general lehengas, they will be worn multiple times, and so it is of utmost importance that you like what you buy or get stitched. Make an informed choice, so you feel like the best version of yourself while looking absolutely stunning in the best ethnic wear. Check out Kreeva for the best and latest lehenga blouse designs of ethnic wear. Find the best designs, best prices and the best variety of lehengas, blouses, sarees, salwar kameez, kurtas, etc. Kreeva is a one-stop destination for all stylish, trendy and body-positive clothes with sustainable manufacturing.