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Origin of Saree - Indian Ethnic Outfit

They say cotton came to India from either the Mesopotamian civilization, as well as the art of twisting it into the fabric. Consequently, the men and women of the modern Indus Valley Civilisation were acquainted with cotton fabrics and wore black pieces of material that could accurately be described as loincloths. Such lengths of fabric, known as saree, were worn initially in the kachcha style, meaning the wearer passed one side of the cloth or the center plate between the legs after wrapping it around the waist and tucked it behind to encourage the lower body and legs movement. Saree has been in trend since 2800 BC. It was originated in the northwestern part of the Indian Subcontinent during the Indus Valley Civilization.

Many assorted dress items were mentioned in the epics of India, which were written much after the Indus Valley period. The kanchuki, listed in many of the legends which make up the heroic narrative, was a piece of fabric worn by women across the breasts. Perhaps it was the earliest form of the choli. Many women were described as beautiful in clothing made from silks studded with gold and gems, showcasing in the classical literature produced by the epics. However, with the passing times, the trends kept evolving and wearing a saree gained more popularity among the females.

Different types of Saree Collection You Love

The different types of sarees collections we have in Kreeva are Silk Sarees, different fabric sarees, etc. So if you're into Plain Sarees with Borders, choose Zari and Resham work Sarees, or if you love North, Central, East, and South India regional specialties, we have all of them. How to Pick the Right Sarees are among the most sartorial ethnic ensembles that every Indian woman loves to wear for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, and fancy happenings. The elegant nine yards of beauty is accompanied by aย wide variety of fabricย aesthetics such as silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton, tussar, etc. as well as the attractive designer prints. From a variety of colors to choose from, you can experiment completely with the trademark ethnic look and up your glam without effort.

Females with a pear-shaped body, relative to their upper body, have a heavier backbone. They should, therefore, go for materials such as chiffon and georgette, as that would match their upper and lower sections. Stay away from mermaid cuts forever, which would unnecessarily complicate focus to your lower part. Go in draping with the seedha pallu theme, as that will make your body look proportionate.

For the apple-shaped body, you should go forย beautiful embroidery sareesย that will match your body type. You need to go for a longer blouse to protect your waist, which will hide your trouble spots. You can also tie your saree a little higher, as an alternative. Silk is one you can choose for yourself. But avoid the netted sarees. You should dress up your sarees in a very straightforward way, or go for Ulta-pallu instead.

If you have a voluptuous body, Georgette, chiffon and net fabrics will best fit you. They curl around your body in a comfortable way, showcasing your curves. When buying a designer saree, you should opt for dark colors. Your saree is never expected to be heavy. It may have delicate decorative stitching and embroidery, but it should never be too rigid. It's expected to have a good fall, making you look slimmer.

Experience the New Saree Online Shopping at Kreeva

There's a valid reason why we take pride in calling Kreeva, the ethnic fashion go-to destination. One of our greatest pillars of strength is weekly refreshed collections, so are the labels behind us that make us typical trendy. Kreeva is hosting an exciting selection of new wear. The collection is periodically updated on websites and always offers the new designs at attractive price points. Right here, find a grand Kanchipuram, a gentle Bengal Tant, vibrant Leheriya Prints,ย modern Half-n-Half Sareesย and millions of other choices. You can receive a shipment at your doorstep on time. Kreevaโ€™s lifestyle has the best online sarees and has customers worldwide.