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Best Outfit - Flared Lehenga Choli

One of the best Indian outfits for any occasion is the Lehenga choli. Be it for your sister's wedding, Diwali party, sangeet, or your own big fat Indian wedding! A flared bridal lehenga in the traditional red for the dashing bride, floral designer lehengas for the band of friends, and flared lehenga choli for every little girl in town! That is the ultimate formula for any happy occasion in India.

Lehengas come in all varieties of textiles, designs, and colors. Inspired by every region of India, lehenga has absorbed local traditions and made itself one of the most adaptable forms of clothing. The Lehenga has a long history that dates back to the Mughal era. It was popularised during this time and quickly flourished among all classes of society.

Lehengas have come a long way and evolved. From traditional colors and patterns to internationally inspired formats, the lehenga choli is a highly versatile form of Indian dress that has come to represent our country to the world.

The lehenga consists of a large circular floor-length skirt, which is richly decorated or worn plain according to the occasion. Bridal lehengas are ornate with traditional motifs and handiwork. It often has a large decorated border.

The skirt is worn with a choli. The choli is an equally stylish blouse. It can have varying lengths depending upon the exposure of the midriff. The third piece of the lehenga is the dupatta or the long shawl. It is ornately decorated along the borders and worn like a saree or simply along the shoulder.

Here is a quick look at a popular style of lehenga choli, the flared Lehenga Choli

Flared lehenga choli is a form of lehenga with the skirt having an unusually circular form. The fabric is pleated, ruffled, or spread out with panels. It creates a very regal look that flatters the body shape of the wearer. Flared lehenga cholis are a raging trend these days as they are often sported by celebrities at festivities.

There are plenty of designer flared lehengas to choose from for every occasion. With options like stitching, buying from designers and local tailors, choosing branded stores, and buying online, getting a lehenga these days is not a hard task.

One of the best ways to buy is from online shops. You can read reviews from customers and be assured of the quality of your dress. Read on to find out the best place to buy flared lehenga choli online.

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