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Style Your Diwali Saree


An Indian saree is a lovely and classical attire worn by women in India and other parts of the world. A saree is a long piece of decorative garment that can be draped across the body in various ways. As a result, it’s a highly versatile piece of clothing that you can style however you want. In addition to wearing the sari in various ways, you can access it with different accessories. Bangles, earrings, shoes, makeup, and other accessories can help to complete your look. A saree is the best choice for a special occasion, a party, or everyday wear. Continue reading if you want to know how to style your Diwali Dresses for the upcoming Diwali celebration in 2022.

Diwali Saree Styling Tips for The Upcoming Festival of Lights

You can drape your Diwali sarees in various ways, depending on how you want them to look. You can make the draping quick and easy, unique, or any other way you want. You can wear any accessory you wish to with your saree. Finally, it comes down to how you feel comfortable and attractive in your traditional Diwali saree.
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1. Explore Modern Draping Styles

Explore Modern Draping Styles

There are numerous traditional and regional saree drapes. However, you might want to think about more modern options. They can be great picks if you want to draw attention to another aspect of your outfit. For example, you may wish to showcase a blouse or even an underskirt. The butterfly fashion, which exposes the midriff, is one of these. There will also be mermaid draping, which shapes a skirt with the saree’s bottom half. The dhoti saree is also a favorite among young and trendy women.

2. Play Around with Draping

Play Around with Draping

You can use numerous other guidelines to drape your Diwali saree in various ways. However, you are not required to adhere to any particular method. You can experiment with the saree to determine what affects you can achieve. Don’t feel obligated to stick to a single style. You can experiment with different methods and saree lengths to find a look you like this coming Diwali. You may prefer longer or shorter styles. Or maybe you want to expose other parts of your body. You can do so much with a saree by draping it differently. Currently, how you drape your best Diwali saree also makes a fashion statement. So, go ahead and experiment with your saree and add a new saree to your Diwali saree collection.

3. Put A Modern Spin on It

fashion saree

Sarees are fantastic, traditional pieces of clothing. However, you may want to respect tradition while staying current with fashion trends. There are some brilliant ways to wear your Diwali saree if you wish for a more modern look. You could, for example, put a jacket over your saree. It could be long sleeves or a short waistcoat/vest jacket. A minor jacket allows your saree to shine while adding extra embellishment. If you look at sarees on the ramp, you’ll notice that some are worn with suspenders. Put them on some flowing pants or your skirt for a one-of-a-kind look. You could wear a belt to your saree to add a simple twist.

4. Selecting A Blouse Style

Blouse Style

A blouse worn under your saree can elevate your look. There are many fantastic ways to choose from that will suit different women. You can experiment with different shapes, fabrics, and colors to find the perfect blouse for you. You can go for a more traditional or contemporary look. If you don’t wish to go with the standard blouse shape, consider a corset blouse for added length. A tube blouse exposes your midriff beneath your saree. A halterneck draws attention to your neck and collarbones. If you want straps, another option is to have thinner spaghetti straps on your shoulders. You could also wear a backless blouse with long sleeves or a neck collar.

5. Decide on an Eye-Catching Hairstyle

Eye-Catching Hairstyle

You look more than just the saree when you wear a Diwali saree. Your hairstyle should also complement your saree. Your hairstyle may be dictated by where you are going. Some women wear sarees to work or corporate events. On the other hand, you could be attending a wedding or other formal event. Whether you choose a traditional or modern saree style, you’ll need a hairstyle to match. Wear a classic style like a bun or chignon if you want to keep things simple. You can wear accessories with anything from flowers to sparkling hair clips. A plait or braid is also a good option. You can do it in various styles for a more traditional or modern look. If you want to try something different, you could do a French braid or a fishtail plait.

Of course, some women prefer to wear their hair down when wearing a saree. Even if you don’t wear your hair up, you can still choose from various styles. You could have side-swept curls or waves falling down your back and shoulders. You can actually have your hair half up and half down. You have complete control over each section of hair.

6. Choosing Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

You could choose to leave your hair simple and unadorned. A lovely hair accessory, on the other hand, can be the ideal way to complete your hairstyle. Flowers will give a traditional element to your hairstyle. Fresh ones could be used, but flower hair clips will last longer. You can wear them over and over. An eye-catching option for an updo is an oversized flower. You might also consider a sparkling clip or slide, especially if you go with an up-do. If you plait your hair, an eye-catching accessory could be placed at the end or near the top of your braid.

7. Choosing the Correct Footwear

Correct Footwear

You’ll need shoes to go with your saree, though you can sometimes go barefoot in the puja area. One of the critical decisions is whether to wear heels or flat shoes. It would help if you were considered when styling your saree because it will affect the drape. The saree will be higher if you put it on barefoot and then slip into heels. Heels are not for everyone, so don’t feel obligated to wear them. Flat shoes can be equally as eye-catching. You can try something traditional, like a pair of Kolhapuri heels. These are a great option if you don’t want your heels to be too high. They are usually two or three inches tall.

Many options for a more modern look include stilettos and other heels. Choose something with a lot of sparkles to go with your saree for maximum impact. Get a pair of glittery stilettos and maybe even a peep-toe shoe. You can add color to your nails by painting them. Naturally, you’ll want to show off your feet as much as possible. Maybe you have henna designs that you want to show off. Strappy sandals might be your best bet. Mojris with beads or embroidery is a traditional style with a lot of bling.

8. Remember to Bring Your Jewelry


Your saree ensemble would be incomplete without some jewelry. However, the occasion determines what you wear and how much you wear. You do not want to try anything too flashy to work if you wear a saree. You can add some more decorative pieces if you’re going to a wedding. A necklace is a great place to start, with many different styles. You may prefer a large statement necklace or something more subtle. When selecting earrings, you may choose a matching set to go with your necklace set. Long earrings will look apt to your neck and look great with your hair up or down.

If you decide to wear one, it can be small or large. A smaller bindi is preferable if you don’t want it to overpower your face. If you’re wearing a bright saree, you might want to go for a larger, more eye-catching one. You don’t wish the saree to detract attention from your face. A bindi helps to re-emphasize your face and keep it from becoming lost. Bracelets are also excellent jewelry options. You could wear a string of jingling bangles or a hand decoration that wraps around your wrist and finger.

9. Perfecting Your Saree Makeup

Saree Makeup

When it comes to makeup to go with your saree, you have a wide range of options. Again, it will depend on the look you want to achieve. Traditional Diwali saree makeup includes the use of kohl/kajal or eyeliner. You could use colored eyeliner instead of black or brown if you’re going to make it more colorful. You could also enhance your eyes with a smoky look by using more eyeliner and eyeshadow. Blush can also give your cheeks a rosy appearance for a more traditional look. Nude makeup, however, can provide a more natural look if you want to keep things simple.

Final Words

There are numerous ways to style your saree, both with the saree and accessories. When choosing an outfit, keep the occasion in mind. A wedding requires more bling, whereas a workplace party requires class and elegance. It also depends on how you wear the saree, but how you drape it is crucial. You are not a fashion designer to continually find new ways to wear a saree. So, get just creative and play smart with your Diwali saree. The way you drape your saree reveals a lot about yourself. Take a look at Diwali sarees for yourself and loved ones in the section Diwali saree for women at Diwali saree online from Kreeva.

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