7 Latest Bridal Wedding Saree Trends to Look Royal 
Indian weddings are elaborate occasions with auspicious melodies, fragrant garlands, memorable celebrations, and six yards of sacred hues that make a wedding magical and extraordinary. However, finding a bridal wedding saree that flatters your body and expresses your style and personality is challenging. These sarees are the pinnacle of elegance and class and were specially created for all extravagant wedding events. Sarees are worn by women traditionally, but they are now seen as fashion statements. At Indian weddings, sarees represent elegance, grandeur, and wealth. A bride has numerous preferences in choosing her perfect dreamy saree. And what is the most popular choice of brides? A beautiful and elegant designer wedding saree makes her look apart from everyone. Pattu sarees, famed for their plush feel, elaborate threadwork, alluring patterns and motifs, and striking borders, are a must-have for South Indian wedding attire. But now, in the trending era, this beautiful pattu saree is famous worldwide, and every woman wants to grace her wedding charm with it.

Trendy Wedding Pattu Sarees for Wedding to Look Royal

Beautiful Pattu sarees have traditionally entered a bride's wedding trousseau. A bride needs everything for her wedding day: this latest wedding sarees collection is bold, brilliant, colorful, and classic but trendy. The luxury and refinement of these exquisite and delicately woven sarees are unrivaled. Nothing is more glimmering and refined than a pattu saree made of genuine mulberry silk. Check out this popular wedding saree collection for brides who wish to appear royal and elegant at their weddings.

1. Kanchipuram Wedding Pattu Saree

Kanchipuram pattu sarees are among the most desirable sarees in the country, having a texture and feel unlike any other fabric in India. Wedding Kanchipuram bridal saree is produced by weaving and twisting silk yarns, which gives any garment manufactured from it a very durable construction. The most popular places these beautiful pattu sarees come from are the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. These sarees are made of gold fabric, often worn by brides and bride mates at weddings and celebrations. Some of the most common themes and motifs used on a Kancheepuram saree are nature-inspired and so vibrant one can even get away with minimal accessorizing by making the saree the center of attention. Explore Kanchipuram sarees for brides online to find various sarees for your big and dreamy day.

2. Venkatagiri Wedding Pattu Sarees

Venkatagiri pattu is well known for being beautiful, simple, easy to drape, and woven in appealing color combinations. One of the most resilient sarees from Southern India, Venkatagiri Sarees are made in the historic town of Venkatagiri in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The delicately woven Zari border and pallu distinguish the Venkatagiri saree from similar modern garments. The Zaris became well-liked among the aristocracy due to their labor. Any occasion, whether a pre-wedding event, family gathering, or a trip to the temple, is appropriate for a Venkatagiri saree. These wedding sarees for the bride are incredibly soft, lightweight, and long-lasting. However, despite being suitable for all seasons, they are most comfortable when worn in the summer mehendi and handi wedding events.

3. Ikkat Bridal Pattu Saree

Ikkat Saree is one of the most well-known fashions. Indian women love wearing ikkat, a style fusion of the past and present. Ikkat is a technique for dyeing cotton and silk materials. The textures and hues are vivid and arresting, whether Pochampally Ikkat or Orissa Ikkat. These stunning sarees have the Ikkat design, and tie-dye art is woven into the cloth and perfectly matches wedding events. What appears to be a straightforward pattern on the fabric is a highly intricate weaving technique that Indian weavers have perfected over the years. On cotton or silk fabrics, the artists weave the colored threads to give them a distinctive indigenous aesthetic that is both traditional and modern. These traditional wedding sarees for bride are manufactured in three states: Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujrat.

4. Narayanpet Bridal Pattu Saree

The traditional Narayanpet saree is made with unusual vegetable dyes, a distinctive pattern of checks in the self-color weave, large golden zari borders at both the top and bottom of the fabric, and an exceptional double shimmer quality from its unique weaving process. High-quality materials and fine weave counts ensure the Narayanpet's durability and luster for a long time. Additionally, because the area is thought to be blessed by the goddess who resides in the nearby temple, every saree woven there will inevitably feature the temple design border in a color that contrasts with the backdrop and a parallel border that runs alongside it.

5. Banarasi Bridal Pattu Saree

One of India's most elaborate and stunning outfits, the Banarasi saree is worn nationwide for significant events and weddings. Due to its unrivaled beauty and majesty, this bridal favorite is adored by all generations. Exclusively in the historic city of Varanasi and the nearby villages, these bride marriage wedding silk sarees are made using specialized methods and distinctive patterns. Due to the dual impact of Mughal and Hindu civilizations on the weave and designs, these woven silk sarees have a distinctive appearance. The manufacturing of opulent textiles for nobles and monarchy has long been concentrated in Banaras or Varanasi, mainly the beautiful silk and muslin. The intricate motifs of intertwined flowers, figures, net, and leaves, as well as the tight weave, metallic shine, gold work, and delicate feel, set Banarasi silk apart from other types of silk. The Banarasi sari is made from the finest materials, soft southern Indian silks and beautiful gold and silver threads. Explore wedding sarees for brides online for various patterns, colors, and designs.

Tips To Remember For Your Dreamy Wedding:

Styling your best wedding sarees for bride might be intricate, especially if your heart is set on wearing a Pattu saree since the possibilities are unlimited. Here are some important tips for wearing a wedding Pattu saree for a wedding that helps you look elegant and royal.
  • Fixing the budget is the most important and probably the first thing you should do before purchasing your wedding silk sarees.
  • Choose the silk variety depending on your body type.
  • Prefer a color according to your skin tone.
  • Pick the borders and design that perfectly complements the saree color.
  • Before finalizing a saree, you can request the salesperson to help drape it around you so that you have an idea of how it will look.
  • If your saree is grand, choose a designer and fashionable blouse design.
  • Once you purchase your saree, jewelry, and other accessories, we recommend booking a trial session with your makeup artist to perfect your dreamy look.
  • Wearing a petticoat with the right fit, length, and color will also help to enhance your overall look

Final Words

Traditional bridal pattu sarees for weddings have a variety of motifs, most of which are inspired by temples, flora, and fauna. Expect to see a lot of peacocks, Rudraksha beads, swans, parrots, checks, and stripes. A Pattu saree may also have a jasmine theme sprinkled throughout the body of the sari or coin designs. Designer wedding sarees for bride have long been a valued possession of South Indian brides. Still, brides worldwide consider them in their trousseau for diversity and elegance. At Kreeva.com, you will find a treasure trove of stunning wedding Sarees for wedding season! designer wedding sarees are available in various designs, patterns, and colors. And when it comes to a big giant Indian wedding, all guests, including the bride, her relatives, and family members, have many alternatives from our gorgeous and bountiful wedding sarees collection. Kreeva online store offers a wide selection of exquisite wedding sarees in hypnotic hues and elaborate designs to commemorate wonderful and memorable weddings.