Designer Salwar Suit
When it comes to traditional ethnic clothing, Indian women have a lot of options. Various options are available to make a stylish fashion statement, ranging from elegant anarkalis and kurtis to stunning sarees and lehenga cholis. But a designer salwar suit is the item that tops every woman's list of favourite ethnic clothing. In India, salwar suits are an essential element of every woman's wardrobe because they are cosy and enhance your appearance on any occasion with their unmatched style. A salwar suit, which has its roots primarily in ancient times, is one of the most beautiful and graceful clothes that women adore!

Styling Designer Salwar Suits in Unique Ways

Designer Salwar Suits
The most popular ethnic fashion trend that never seems to go out of style is the salwar suit. Women from all generations and age groups have adopted an Indian salwar suit to spice up their wardrobe. This is due to its rich ethnic heritage and comfort. There are many combinations and styles of designer salwar suits for ladies to pick from, ranging from dense embroidery to brilliant hues and varied fabrics. Now is the perfect time to boost your shine with this magnificent beauty because there is such a huge selection of salwar suits offered in both offline and online retailers. However, women frequently struggle with choosing designs and styling them because of the abundance of available options. Here are some timeless salwar suit designs that you can try dressing in various ways to look great on any occasion to assist you in getting over your confusion.

1. Jacket With a Salwar Suit

Jacket With a Salwar Suit
Adding a jacket to your favourite salwar suit is a current fashion trend that many Indian ladies adore. You can dress up a plain salwar suit set by styling them with jackets. These salwar suits with the jacket possess unparalleled charm and refinement that enhance your appearance. These designer salwar suits wonderfully capture the essence of traditional Indian fashion. You can easily accessorise your designer salwar suit with a jacket that has intricate embroidery, or you can choose a simple cape or light jacket to go with your salwar kameez that is richly embellished. With your half- or full-sleeve salwar suits matched up with matching earrings, a purse, and heels, you may get a royal effect by wearing a matching or contrast jacket.

2. Palazzo Salwar Suit for A Classic Vibe

Palazzo Salwar Suit
Get that stunning look easily by pairing your favourite long or short Kurti with palazzo bottoms. The straight kurta and flared bottoms of this long salwar suit are designed to provide you with the maximum level of comfort and style. You might try pairing your short Kurti with wide-legged palazzo pant, which is fairly popular now, to achieve a more striking and contemporary style. Put on a designer salwar suit with palazzo bottoms, accessorise with oxidised silver jewellery and coordinating juttis to show off all your curves to perfection and turn heads.

3. Salwar Suit in Dhoti Style For A Modern Touch

Dhoti Style For A Modern Touch
The latest salwar suit trend is styling a short Kurti with contemporary dhoti-style pants. This salwar suit style features dhoti-style bottoms and a fashionable frock-style Kurti, drawing inspiration from traditional dhoti forms of clothing. This chic salwar suit design has a look and feel that is reminiscent of a Punjabi Patiala suit. Additionally, it gives you some extra layers to make you appear more alluring. This salwar suit style is soaring in popularity and dominating the Indian ethnic wear market. Your dhoti-style salwar suit can be readily styled for various events, such as a formal office party or a lively family gathering. To achieve the ideal radiant look, team up a dhoti-style embroidered salwar suit with minimum statement jewellery, light makeup, and a light hairstyle.

4. Sharara Bottoms and A Short Kurta For A Royal Look

Sharara Bottoms
Women who want an unconventional and stylish appearance adore the classic ethnic costume combo of sharara bottoms and a short Kurti. This ethnic costume has a stunning short Kurti in the manner of a gown that you can pair with your flared sharara bottoms for an unapologetically daring appearance. Additionally, you can give your flared sharara trousers enough room to display their majesty and sleek appeal by choosing a short frock-style Kurti. By choosing a short Kurti with magnificent embroidery made of stones, sequins, thread, or mirror work, you can immediately increase the charisma and beauty of the overall ethnic ensemble. This designer salwar suit online, offered in some gorgeous hues of peacock blue, ruby red, burnt orange, or bright yellow, will enhance the allure and elegance of your ethnic wardrobe. Additionally, if you want to look stunning at a wedding or cocktail party, go for a red salwar suit paired with statement earrings, bright red lipstick, nude makeup, and peep-toe heels.

5. Traditional Patiala Salwar with Kurta

These traditional salwar suits from Punjab are the height of splendour and style. When you wear this classic Punjabi salwar suit to a wedding or other festive event, everyone will be staring at you. This ensemble, which includes a short Kurti, a classic Patiala salwar, and a matching or contrasting dupatta, allows you to dress in any way you choose. At a Sangeet or Mehendi event, you can sport this classic look. To further enhance your fashion sense, pair your Punjabi salwar suit with complementary bangles, jhumkas, and Punjabi juttis.

Some Other Tips for Styling Your Salwar Suit

Here are a few more tips for styling your designer salwar suit

1. Play Around with The Dupatta

Around with The Dupatta
Every single Punjabi salwar suit is always worn with a matching dupatta. If your dupatta is absent, you will unquestionably ruin the look. Also, don't be afraid to try out various dupatta styles when wearing a Punjabi suit. A chiffon, cotton, or silk dupatta is an option. Most Punjabi suits look beautiful when worn with dupattas that include zari embroidery or Phulkari work. Designers now provide dupattas with gota and Bandhani embroidery for sale. The dupatta can be worn over a suit in a variety of ways as well. You can wear it around your neck or throw it over your shoulders.

2. Try Out Several Dupatta Draping Techniques

A vital component of the salwar kameez's overall appearance is the dupatta. You can quickly decorate an existing Anarkali with any distinctive dupatta draping style if you're attending a wedding event but don't have the time to shop for a new Anarkali suit. Dupattas can also be combined and matched. For instance, to add a festive touch to a simple Anarkali suit, you may wear a large Banarasi dupatta with it.

3. Play With Accessories

Women adore accessories; therefore, it takes at least one to complete every ethnic appearance. Regardless of your preference for wearing striking jewellery or carrying stylish handbags, you can always play around with your accessories to test out various ethnic appearances. Potli bags are fashionable, and you can purchase one to accessorise your salwar kameez ensemble. To look fashionable, pair your straightforward salwar suit with oxidised jewellery.

4. Make Your Own Set

You probably have a sizable collection of vintage salwar suits. Pick a kameez from any set and pair it with a different style of salwar, such as cropped pants, the palazzo, or the Sahara. You may even carry out the same action with your salwar. But make sure the pairing is different and has more contrasting work patterns.

5. Pick The Right Footwear

Pick The Right Footwear
If your salwar is too short and just hits your ankles, don't make the mistake of wearing high heels as your shoes. In the same way, if your Patiala is too long, avoid wearing a Jutti. You'll merely feel uncomfortable, and you might trip and fall. Richly embroidered Juttis and sandals with stones on the toes blend nicely with every Punjabi suit. Select the appropriate style of the shoe while keeping in mind the length of your salwar.

6. Style It Up with A Paranda

The paranda, a well-known traditional hair item in Punjab and North India, has recently gained popularity. Modern ladies enjoy this look since it makes your worn-out salwar suit look fresh and stylish. Although several paranda styles are available these days, make sure they complement your salwar suit.

7. Let Your Makeup Shine

Even if your dress is perfect, you could occasionally still look uninteresting. When that happens, you should realise that your cosmetics need improvement. Smoky eyelids or kohled eyes may pretty much brighten any appearance. Choose red lips and an eyeshadow colour with metallic undertones for a daring makeup look.

The Final Word

A salwar kameez is the one Indian outfit you may wear for any and every occasion. This dress may be worn every day, whether it's a formal event or just a casual day out. The main trick is constantly experimenting with new looks, accents, and colours to avoid making the salwar kameez look unoriginal. Styling your designer salwar suit in one or more ways from the above will help elevate the look and look unique. You can experiment with more ways than these and slay the look confidently!