Trendy Party Wear Ruffle Lehenga Choli
Ruffles give drama to the traditional and clichรฉ lehenga patterns. These princessly designs bring back the innocence and fun of childhood dresses and frocks and seamlessly mixes them with the flattering look of lehenga. Lehenga choli has long been one of the favourite picks for different events, from engagement ceremony to wedding days. Ruffles can be added in the skirt of the lehenga, the choli, or even the dupatta to give a glamorous look that hits differently in a crowd.
dupatta to give a glamorous look
You can make sure that your party look is up to date with the current trends by adding the flare of ruffles in the look. With the right choice of colours and designs, ruffle lehenga choli can give the desired chic look. Check out the best designs of party wear ruffle lehenga choli this festive season and fill your wardrobe with a flattering look with a ruffle lehenga online shopping spree.

Most Splendid Designs Of Ruffle Lehenga Choli

If you are someone who follows an array of fashion bloggers and is looking for a gorgeous bridal look, then you must have spotted the ostentatious look of ruffles in your timeline. These elegant designs have been updated to accommodate different fashion tastes and are sure to be the perfect pick for any occasion. These ruffle style lehenga can be a treat to the eyes with their immaculate detail and flimsy, dainty vibe. They go with bright and pastel colours, with plain and heavy work, and every design that you can imagine.

1. Ruffled Dupatta With Embroidered Lehenga

If you want to go all out with no restrains, try out a heavily embroidered lehenga choli and pair it up with a dupatta rich in ruffles. The look of net ruffle lehenga choli is so alluring that it will never fail to turn heads in the crowd. It makes the perfect outfit for the event when you want to make sure that you remain the centre of attraction.
bright colors and traditional embroidery
Pick for bright colours and traditional embroidery that can complement the ruffled dupatta for the best look. You can enhance the look of the outfit by giving the dupatta a clean finish and adding a border to its length.

2. Layered Ruffles In Lehenga

Layered Ruffles In Lehenga
These ruffle lehenga designs make you look like a Disney Princess, but with the inherent Indian twist. Ruffles layered one on top of the other makes sure that your lehenga grabs the attention and gives you the dramatic look. Material like net and chiffon will go best with such multi layer lehenga choli to make sure that the layers are visible and highlighted. You can pair it up with a designer choli that balances the plainer design of the lehenga. Sequined work and embroidery might work the best.

3. Ruffled One-Shoulder Choli

Ruffles can be added to the choli to get the desired chic and trendy look. Ruffled choli brings attention to the upper part of your outfit. You can experiment with the design and either add the ruffles on the sleeves or use them as a border to the choli. Bright colours go well with the designs and bring out the dainty look of the dress. The pink ruffle lehenga choli can be the perfect pick for a wedding celebration when you want to show off your fun side.

4. Pre-Draped Ruffle Dupatta

Draped Ruffle Dupatta
Let us face the facts, ruffles can be hard to manage. Usually during an event or meet and greet, you are too busy to adjust your ruffled dupatta every other minute. A pre-draped ruffle dupatta makes sure that you do not have to arrange the ruffles every time you move and still get the prime look. You can choose a floral design based on bright, summer colors for the red ruffle lehenga and choli. Rock the Mehendi party or any other traditional festivity with this fun outfit.

5. Ruffles As Lehenga Border

pastel-colored choli
If you want to add something different to your lehenga but still want to maintain the simplistic and minimalistic look, then you can add ruffles to the border of your lehenga. It will make sure that your lehenga stands out but still retains its true elegance. Match the color of the ruffles to the work done on your lehenga to get a gorgeous look. You can get an aesthetic, pastel-colored choli and dupatta to complete the look of the outfit.

6. Ruffled Blouse

If you like to have some fun with your outfit and have an undying love for ruffles, why not get a whole blouse designed from it? A ruffle blouse can be the touch of your trendy, fun-loving spirit to your outfit. Go for a lehenga that is adorned with embroidery, mirror work, or something equally ravishing to complement your choli. You can try the one-shoulder or off-shoulder for ruffle lehenga with crop top design and get the chic look for your wedding event.

7. Tiered Ruffles In Lehenga

Tiered Ruffles In Lehenga
Asymmetric tiers of ruffles can instantly make you look princessly. Make sure that the pattern stands out by choosing pastel colours that can accentuate the details of the party wear ruffles lehenga immaculately. Have fun pairing up the flamboyant lehenga with a florid choli for a look perfect for a daytime event. For a heavier look, you can go for a designer, embroidered blouse.

8. Boho Lehenga With Ruffles

More detailed and finer ruffles can ensure that you get the perfect boho look. The vibe of the gorgeous ruffle lehenga fits wonderfully with events such as a Mehendi party. The vibrant colours and designs of the blouse make the complete outfit refreshing and unique. This design can be the perfect addition to your bridal look or can be the preppy outfit for a traditional event when you are in the mood for a trendier, modern outfit.

9. Bridal Ruffled Lehenga

Bridal Ruffled Lehenga
Is there any answer to how many ruffles are too many ruffles? With layers and layers of ruffles, such ruffle bridal lehenga designs are sure to take your breath away with their regal look. You will be surprised that the fun and chic ruffles can look this royal. You can layer them in asymmetric patterns or in the form of petals of a flower.

10. Ruffled Dupatta As A Cape

Want a minimalistic that still shows that you do not shy away from experiments? Try the lehenga with a ruffled dupatta that is draped as a cape. The outfit looks perfect with traditionally designed choli to maintain the balance of modern and ethnic designs. Pair up the look with a pleated lehenga that gives the ruffled dupatta an additional oomph.

11. Lehenga With Ruffles Added All Over The Skirt

designer choli
Embellish your lehenga with patterned ruffles that make sure that you slay the night without much effort. The ruffle lehenga dress is sure to grab the attention of the onlookers and give you the elegant look fit for an event such as a cocktail party. You can pair it up with designer choli and statement jewelry to complete the look.

12. Ruffled Choli Designs

Pair your bridal lehenga with a choli that has been enhanced with enticing designs of ruffles. These can be added on the sleeves or as a border to bring out the diva inside you. These stylish ruffles bridal lehenga designs make it certain that you make your statement while remaining true to your traditional roots. Do not shy away from heavily embroidered and patterned lehenga and choli to go with this look.

13. Mermaid-Shaped Ruffled Lehenga

A mermaid-shaped lehenga never fails to make you look trendy and gorgeous. It shows off your curves and hugs your legs just right. Design the tail of the mermaid lehenga with ruffles to get a dramatic look. Tiered ruffles can be used to accentuate the design. Pair up the ruffle net lehenga with a ruffled and flowing dupatta to get a more alluring and regal look.

14. Ruffled Lehenga And Dupatta

lehenga with ruffles
Yes, too many ruffles are not a thing. You can have a lehenga with ruffles adorning its lower half as you flare up the upper part of the outfit with a ruffled dupatta. Choose a lehenga with intricate and detailed ruffles that gives a fashionably pompous effect. The gorgeous dupatta can be either bordered with ruffles or made of ruffles and bordered with embroidery that matches the overall lehenga. Sequined and mirror work on such lehenga choli outfits give a magnificent look. New designer ruffled lehenga choli is the go-to choice for millennial brides that look for a modern look for their wedding along with their comfort. These lehenga designs are very versatile and can be designed to give an elegant as well as chic look. Ruffles add to the trend of the lehengas, making them more alluring and eye-catching. They can reflect your personality and fashion sensibility. You can make sure that they match the vibe of the event and are the trendiest designs of the day.

Pick The Best Lehenga Designs And Collection!

This wedding season, make sure that you become the fashion inspiration of others around you by donning in the most perfect ruffles lehenga designs. Top-notch designers and fashion houses have added ruffles to their designs to create a dramatic look that is fun to experiment with and give an impressive look. Pick out the best of these designs of ruffle lehenga choli online so that at the next events, you make sure to turn the heads of the onlookers.